How to Reset an iPod?

Posted on 03 December 2010

Apple’s creation of an iPod has been hugely successful. Lovers of music have found the ultimate electronic, through which music sounds so much better. However it isn’t perfect.

The Problem

A frozen or jammed iPod is no good for anyone. For anyone who has no idea what to do with a frozen iPod, we shall provide you respite. They are a few steps that you shall have to follow.


The first tip is to start with placing your iPod on a flat surface. Secondly, toggle your “Hold” switch back and forth into the “Off” position. Read the directions carefully as you might have to repeat a step.

Old iPod’s

Users who possess older iPhone’s need to be more careful. They must be aware of all the risks. Especially the fact, that resetting your iPod might remove some of your custom settings.

Click Wheel iPod

For users who have Click Wheel iPod’s they are further instructions. These include, the iPod Nano, the iPod Classic, iPod (5th generation), iPod Mini and iPod with Color Display.

The first step is to locate your “Hold” switch and slide back and forth. This means you will slide into the Hold position and then slide it back.  It will be in the Hold position if it appears orange.

The next step is to press and hold the Menu and Center buttons simultaneously. The Apple logo should appear within the next 6-8 seconds. If you dont see the logo, you should repeat the step.

iPod Shuffle

Consumers who have the iPod Shuffle, first or second generation, must follow different steps. Firstly, make sure that your iPod isn’t connected to the computer. Then you will turn off your Shuffle. Count to five and then turn the iPod back on.

Scroll Wheel or Touch Screen iPod’s

People who possess these iPod’s must also follow other steps. Since these iPod’s are slightly older then the others they have different resetting buttons. Therefore tips are being provided for them as well.

Firstly toggle with the Hold switch, at the top of your iPod. Then hold down the Play/Pause button, at the same time. If the Apple logo doesn’t appear within 6-8 seconds, repeat the step.

If the iPod still remains frozen, then try using one finger from one hand to hold the Center button. At the same time use another finger to hold down the Menu button. You might lose some of your customized settings during this process.

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