How To Increase Torrent Download Speed?

Posted on 14 December 2010

A BitTorrent is a computer program that manages downloads and uploads using the BitTorrent protcol. These are part of Peer-to-peer computing or networking distributed applications. Peer to Peer networking softwares works by gathering pieces of files from the people who already have them and then downloading these files simultaneously in order to increase speed.

Optimizing Torrent client speed

There are three ways to optimize Torrent speed, choose a proper port, forward that port and adjust internal settings.

Choose a proper port

In order to increase the speed you must have to specify a port that is clear, allow software to check itself for a proper port that is not used by any other program as if it can affect the downloading speed. In order to do this go to the option or preferences tabs in you software and let by running the Setup guide to assign specific port for itself.

The random port option specified in preference tab should be unchecked only if you need extra security or using internet without a firewall. Try to avoid using port in the range of 6881-6999 since these were originally used by bitTorrent client and are often blocked by the Internet service providers,

best option should be in a range greater than 10000.

Forward the port

Communication through internet in Operating systems are often controlled by firewalls, these firewalls block incoming and sometimes also outgoing connection unless an exception is made.

Routers have two choices either to use UPnP or forward your port manually, easier one is to uncheck the UnP check box and allow any program to create a port mapping through the router without consent of the owner. The other one is to manually forward the port through router, this does not have that security issue, but involves going through several steps to accomplish.

Adjust internal settings

The most important setting is to adjust the internal settings of Torrent client. It will involve two types, uploading and downloading. Here either user can define manually these upload and download speeds or can check by having a speed test, often provided by many java enable sites. Here there is a technical issue, too much uploading speed then downloading will be effected so it has to be balanced accordingly.

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