How to check DNS Propogation Status of Your Website?

Posted on 20 December 2010

DNS is an abbreviation used for Domain Name Server, which plays an important role in the working of your website. You are required to change your DNs while moving your website from one server to other server. For newly registered website or domain, you are required to assign the value of DNS as per particular web hosting Company.

Time for DNS change propagation

Shifting from old to new server will take some time for DNS propagation. This time period usually consists of 24-48 hours throughout the internet. For a webmaster, this entire time period may be a stressful time in order to find out the exact status of their DNS change propagation.

How to check the exact status of DNS change propagation?

You can check the exact status of the DNS change propagation of your website by a couple of ways. The most convenient of these ways are certain online tool. Let’s have a look on the details of these tools:

Online tool to check DNS change settings

Among all the online tools available for checking the current DNS settings, Preshweb online tool is well-known. This tool let you check the DNS status of any website in quick time. You are only required to enter the URL of any website (link of the website such as, in the search tab and click on the button “check now”.

It will display the results of that website, which you have entered into URL tab. If you see the new settings in search results then it means either the DNS has propagated or it has started propagating according to new server.

Portable tool to check the current status of DNS change propagation

The portable tool is an online tool which can be used to find out the status of DNS during its shifting through various web hosting servers and the status of DNS change settings, as well. To work with this tool, download the dnspchecker tool, unzip this tool and launch this program by clicking on the launch tab. Enter the URL of the website which you want to check and click on the check tab in order to see the current status of the particular website URL.

You can check the status of the DNS change propagation also by using other online tools, which are available on internet. You can find these online tools on internet by little searching, such as by using google, bing.

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