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Posted on 06 December 2010

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a standard technology for managing the names of Web sites and other Internet domains. DNS technology allows you to type names into your Web browser like and your computer automatically find that address on the Internet.

A key element of the DNS is a worldwide collection of DNS servers. A DNS server can also be defined as any computer registered to join the Domain Name System.

A DNS server runs special-purpose networking software, features a public Internet Protocol (IP) address and contains a database of network names and addresses for other Internet hosts.

A Common Problem

Sometimes the DNS errors are really frustrating.  Though you are connected to the internet, but quite often the browser come up with the error when you type a address “This page cannot be displayed” with the “Cannot find server or DNS error” at the bottom always shows up.

In fact, this is very common problem.  Actually, most of us use automatic settings to obtain the DNS address and by this way connect through the DNS address supplied by our Internet Service Provider (ISP). If the ISP’s DNS cannot resolve the IP address issue of the websites, you will get the above mentioned DNS error.


In order to resolve this problem, you can change the DNS address to any of the following DNS servers.  Below are also given the detailed instruction for changing DNS Server Addresses:

Public DNS servers from Google (without any filters)

Public DNS servers form Scrub It

Public DNS servers from DNS Resolvers (without any filters) ( (

Public DNS servers from Open DNS (they may block porn and malware sites)

Public DNS servers from DNS Advantage (they may block malware sites) ( (

You can also use and

Other public DNS servers (without any filters) ( – A Level3 DNS-Server with Any cast (multiple locations) by BBN Technologies ( – A Cable & Wireless DNS-Server with Any cast (multiple locations) by Cable & Wireless Worldwide

How to use these free DNS Server Addresses on your computer?

The aforementioned are few of the solutions to resolve the problems faced by internet users concerning with DNS servers.  There is one more solution; download the utility known as DNS Jumper.

The utility of DNS Jumper is a freeware that remember upto 16 DNS Server IP Address Settings. You can choose anyone of these just with mouse click. You will surely like this utility.

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