Defragmentation to Increase Computer Speed

Posted on 21 December 2010

Fragmentation is the ordinary way of storing the data in blocks on a hard drive without any particular order, Whereas disk defragmentation is a process by which the data is stored on a hard drive in a regular pattern which makes the data easily accessible and thus improving the overall performance of the PC.


The way fragmentation with latest technology offered by Diskeeper 2010 Professional can have an impact on faster data access.


This technology increases efficiency up to 85% by preventing fragmentation from occurring thus increasing performance.


InvisiTasking is a breakthrough technology, and had achieved that had been considered impossible up till now. It works differently in a way that instead of allocating all the resources to a single process, it allocates system resources separately to the process which need each one. It is achieved by a process known as Micro Job Scheduler, and it is the basic idea behind InvisiTasking.


Intelligent file access acceleration sequencing technology offers unique capability of monitoring commonly accessed files and storing them on faster location on the hard drive. It improves file access and creation by up to 80%.

It works with other intelligent technologies provide by Diskeeper to enhance overall reliability and speed.

BOOT time defragmentation

Benefits of Disk keeper 2010 professional does not end here, it still has some more noticeable features which includes defragmentation of hard disk with less than 1% of free available space which most software does not manage to do and also Disk keeper 2010 professional support 64 bit operating system.

After installation the Interface preview is user friendly and all options can be accessed easily, e.g. the technologies mentioned above can be easily enabled and disabled depending upon users requirements. In addition there is a dash board at the bottom which provides you all the statistics about the ongoing defragmentation process.

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One Response to “Defragmentation to Increase Computer Speed”

  1. jonathan says:

    Been a huge fan of Diskeeper ever since it has been installed to manage our servers. Keeps them running smooth. The intelligent automatic defrag is very efficient and does a fab job. Really taken one load of the maintenance chklist!


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