Dec 07 2010

Best Business Iphone Apps You Want

IPhones can also be used for small business along with fun and entertainment. With the help of iPhones, we can keep tracking our customers, finances, and projects, and stay connected to the office no matter where we are. It is a very useful tool for every business.

Some applications that are titled best for it should be there in your iphone for seeking maximum advantage from it. Use them wisely and get yourself benefited through a single devise in many ways. Below is the list of those best features and applications.

Shoe Boxed application

With the help of it, you can capture images of a receipt and store them online. It is free application provided on iPhones. You can use those pictures in your business. It also provides you editing option for the pictures.

Mini books

It allows you to track your several projects at once and bill your clients, even if it is turned off. You can deal your clients through this device. You can also track and take decisions about your running projects.

Contractor, freelancer, small business tax calculator

It can tell you about your monthly rate that how much of it you will owe in taxation and getting to take home, simply by typing in your hourly or weekly rate of tax that is applied on your business.

Opcenter, view-quick books desktop data

It connects you to all of your quick books accounts and transactions. You can track your transactions detail even if you are not at your business place. It can also store your important transactions on your iPhone mobile for your record.

Linked Inn application

By browsing your business connections you can establish new contacts with Link Inn’s application on your iPhone mobile. It will link you with your clients and with your business.

Easy Task manager

It allows you to carry a digital to-do list, prioritize tasks, and add them to a calendar. It is a free application on your iPhone mobile phone. It will help you to make and draw your plans according to your business requirement.

Sales force mobile

A sales force account is needed to manage this application. It can manage your customer accounts and initiate phone calls and emails. You can easily handle your costumer’s details by using this application. You can send quotations and other related information to your client.

Sure payroll

This application keeps track of payroll deadlines, helps submit payroll forms to the government and allows you to pay employees, enter payroll hours, and run payroll. This will ease you to manage your accounts and will confirm your payments to your employee. But for this a sure payroll account is needed, the rest is free.

Roambi visualizer

It is compatible with Excel spreadsheets and gives instant access to important information in graphical form. Its free version can access and the enterprise version with SAP Crystal Reports and SAP Business Objects.

Top business summaries

Through this feature, you can avail text and audio recaps on popular business tiles. For example, Wikinomics and Bliink etc.

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