Android Battery Life: How to Improve It

Posted on 16 December 2010

Low battery life is a problem faced by many mobile-users. New mobile phones have thousands of features. However, this has also led to the battery life being reduced. Such complaints have also been made, in regard, to the Android phone. One is usually forced to de-activate certain features. This is in order to stretch the battery’s life. Certain easy tips can be followed, however. They can help you save your battery life.


You can control certain features on your phone. These will be those that drain your battery quickly. Try using the Android Power Control Widget. However, there is no need to turn all the features off. The easiest way to do this is through your Home screen widgets. These flip things like Wi-Fi on and off. It is features like these that need to be controlled.

Calm Down

Try calming down with your status updates. This will help improve your battery life. Try lowering the notification frequency in the apps that you use. Constant notifications greatly reduce battery life.

Switch Off

Try switching off Google Life-Management Apps. If you can live without the calendar and G mail switch them off too.

Or you can also try to do away with Auto-Sync altogether. Remember to manually sync your contacts.


You can disable 3G on your phone. 2G is perfect for making calls and texts. Only if you need to do emergency web-browsing is 3G required.

Decrease the Screen Brightness

This is a sure shot way of improving battery life.

If you’re inside then Android’s default 0% brightness is perfect. Try installing a brightness widget on your desktop. It will make things easier for you.

Turn off the GPS

This feature is a monster power-eater. Most people do not even need GPS. So if you can do without it then turn it off.


The Android 1.6 has introduced a new menu. It allows users to see where there battery is going. This feature can let you monitor your battery life.

Unnecessary apps can be easily avoided.

Wi-Fi Timeout

The Android has a semi-hidden “Advanced” Wi-Fi management screen. You can manually select a time-out option. This is also quite a power-drainer.

Ditch the White

It seems to be that white, brighter screens consume more energy. It is better to select a nice dark home ground. You will save your battery life.

Install Time-Sensitive Power Manager

There are many time and location sensitive apps. These automatically handle your phone’s power and communications settings. So battery life is definitely saved. A good example is the Airplane Auto switch. It kills all radio communications and saves energy. And it is quite easy to install too.

Good Reception

A phone uses more energy while seeking mobile signals. Your phone’s battery will last longer if you can avoid this. Put your phone at a place which has good reception. This makes a difference.

Avoid Draining your Battery

The creation of lithium-ion batteries has changed things. There is no need to drain the battery for its effective use. So it is better to charge your phone regularly.

In-Car Chargers

Lastly, buy an in-car charger and leave it in the car. Leave USB cables everywhere as well. Get a spare battery too. In case of emergencies you’ll have a back-up.

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