7 Cool Chrome Extensions for Twitter

Posted on 15 December 2010

It is a well-known fact that Chrome is very fast. This is the reason for its huge fan following. However it is also possible for Chrome to be social now.

Chrome has designed extensions, specifically for Twitter. There are seven free tools that you can install. For people who use Twitter’s web interface, these extensions are definitely worth it.

All the extensions are very different and diverse in nature. Some of the extensions help keep you productive, while others, just let you have fun. All seven extensions will now be examined.

Twitter Share This Page

This is a sure shot way of sharing your URL on Twitter. This extension is very fast and quick. You will not go wrong with this extension.

First of all, you must install it. All you have to do is hit the “t” icon. This will appear on the right-hand side of your browser bar.

The extension will load the relevant URL.  It will load it in your “What’s happening?” Twitter box. It is quite simple to follow.

You can also shorten the link. Right click on the “t” icon and select the shortening option. All the links can be shortened in this way.

Twitter Extender

It is quite a useful extension. It offers tidy Bit.ly URL shortening abilities. It has an “add URL” option inserted below the “What’s happening?” box.

Numerous enhancements are offered by this extension. This includes the old style retweeting abilities and “reply to all” functionality. It has quicker direct messaging and the option to load previous tweets.


Those people who require a lightweight way, to watch keywords and topics should have it. After installation, a little blue “t” button will show. This will appear on the right-hand side of your browser bar.

When u click the button, it will show your keyword phrases. After the words are set up, a number shall appear on the “t”. This informs you, as to how many mentions, the word received.

Twitter Refresh

This allows you to make Twitter streams. They will be refreshed automatically. The tweets pour down fluidly on the page.

Twitter Creation Date

It is quite a fun extension. Its purpose, is most probably journalistic or for conducting research. It lets you see the date a user joined the micro-blogging services.

Twitter Photo Zoom

It is heaven for lazy twitters. It can photo-size anyone’s avatar, from the home screen or sidebar lists. This will happen when you run your cursor over the thumbnail.

Twitter Symbols

This can spice up your tweets with unusual symbols. It should be supported by the browsers and systems on the reader’s end. They will then appear normally in your tweets.

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