5 Problems Yet to be Fixed in Android 3.0

Posted on 02 December 2010

The best dilemma of man’s nature is, his hunger can be satiated and he continuously wants more, more and more. After Motorola Droid, people started running Android 2.1, one still wishes for petty things that it could be better and Google can work on it instead. This Android has also spectacular features like ability to play flash videos and easy sharable details over Bluetooth. The criticism which it faces was that spell-check cannot work consistently across the platform, and its flash support didn’t even allow watching Hulu videos on your cell than how come it is a sophisticated, trendy and user-friendly phone.

Steadiness is needed

Smaller things add up to make a thing better. The irritating experience is if you commit a spelling mistake while searching, it won’t correct you. For most devices accelerometer works when phone is tilted. In the case of Android, this experience is even more worsening with top interference and extra layers, and thus it is hard to update a phone. Only brand affinity of consumers cannot pay off every time but there must be something in the product you are offering. HTC and Motorola reflected some consumer requirements but now it should be recognized that it needed to change some of its functions.

Market needs to rearrange

To serf through applications is a tiring and irritating task. Sorting on the basis of rating or recently added is not available. The developers limited its release notes and introductory description to just 325 words. In this world limit the chances to explain the benefits of its features is restricted.

Apps can be easily killed

There is a lack of visual detector in these cell phones. That’s why there is no easy way to exit them or to close the application.  Multi tasking is not easy in these phones. Apples phones and iPod touches had a decent feature; they display running applications at the bottom of the screen. Google recently recruited some Palm engineers, and we can hope to have an improvement in this regard.

Apps can’t be run wildly

While multitasking, this set has a drawback that it becomes irritatingly slow. This slow down of phone results in battery drainage, i.e. low battery life. It is in the hands of developers to sort out the problem. Or the services of connectivity manager are needed to make interaction with mobile networks efficient.

Entertaining attention deficit crowd

Although the browser has the option of using multi tabs, list of active tabs while net surfing is required in these cell phones, as in the case of iPhones.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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