What’s the Difference Between 32 bit and 64bit OS

Posted on 06 November 2010

Windows operating system has its own significance. The question which can be quickly raised in the minds for any PC without problems; what type of operating system is there. There is also a question raised when one describes that the Hassle-Free PC operates with the Windows Vista and Windows 7 but not operate with Windows XP. Its very important to find the reason that why it happens. This happens due to the difference of 32 bit and 64 bit operating system as 64 bit version of XP is not introduced by the Microsoft. However it was specifically produced only for the Itanium processors but not for the entire home PCs. Hence, if XP is installed on the system, then it certainly be said that the operating system is of 32 bit variety.

Differences between the 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows

32 bit Window’s version is running quite moderately for the home and ordinary users. However 64 bit version might be required for the power and advance users. The facts behind these differentiations are the 32 bit RAM tackling only the 3.5GB while for 64 bit it is 4 GB. So, most of the recent upcoming PCs in the market has 64 bit versions as the most of these system have the RAM of 4GB.

Display Personalization

For any operational PC, in order to increasing the font size, simply hold down the Ctrl  key and tap. However when there is need to enlarge the everything in the display of the Windows, then for Windows 7 it can be easily modified by;

First Open the Control Panel, and then select Appearance and Personalization.

In the Display section, select Make text and other items larger or smaller.

Select any one of these two settings, Medium or Larger, and then hit the Apply option.

How to Change the User-Account Picture in Windows 7

Simply open the Control Panel and after that choose User Accounts

Select Change your picture.

In case of customize the picture of own choice different than present there then select the Browse for more pictures.

Go to the related picture destination and choose the image of choice.

So, In these ways, one can customize the Windows with own choice.

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