What Is Google Wave?

Posted on 09 November 2010

Google always makes good contribution in the service providing to the people. Now Google wave is also such effort like that. This is a web based service for the people to communicate, collaborate and chat with one another. Google wave is now accessible to the general public. Google wave was first introduced on May 27, 2009 in I/O conference of Google. It is a web oriented computing communications system designed to combine many significant features like instant messaging, wikis, e-mail, and social networking etc. There are different types of communication system in the Google wave which can be adopted by the users according to their requirements.  Many other extensions are also provided in the Google wave like contextual spelling and grammar checking, inter-conversion among more than 40 languages of the world and several other remarkable features.

Remarkable Features

Google wave was primarily released only to the developers and then a preview version was also release to 100,000 users in September 2009. There was an option retained in the preview to invite the others on this platform.  This service was become famous and a lot of requests were submitted to publicize it till 29th of November 2009 when technical preview of the service was released. Google wave was launched for the general public on May 19, 2010.

Google wave was become remarkably famous regarding to the social dimensions about half a year ago. The Google service brought a social dimension when it arrived with much fanfare a half year ago. It was then surpassing the Google Buzz which was directly built with the Gmail.  But Google wave is more famous due to its wide applications and remarkable features.

Google Wave is written in Java mode and using the Google Web Toolkit interface. In its distinguishing features, participants of Google wave can communicate using the message service, edit and add any participant’s information at any stage during the communication process. Google has introduced most of the source services as open access to the public. This is allowing the users to develop its remarkable and significant features.

Hence, Google wave is a great place to communicate in team work and its remarkable features make it prestigious like other services of the Google. Google wave is now freely available to Google Apps users, and easily accessible to the general public.

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