Use The iPad As A Video Surveillance

Posted on 25 November 2010

For the past few years mobile technology have rapidly grown around us and have fascinated us while providing latest gadget; means of communication and social networking through it. Growing technology has somehow affected the crime rate, which definitely have increased and for the security purpose at open, crowded public areas are now under video surveillance.

Previously CCTV – Closed Circuit TeleVision were used for the surveillance purpose but now days IP Camera – Internet Protocol camera are now in use along with the help of iPad and iPhones to make it more efficient and quick. It can be installed anywhere even in your houses and offices, and you can feel safe where ever you be.

Advantages of IP Camera

  • Like all digital cameras IP camera also has high resolution videos and images.
  • Images and videos can be viewed from any other mobile or computer as a live coverage.
  • It has two ways communication process, which helps in sorting out and decide course of action on the spot.

iPad and iPhones companies are striving for new and improved application in which surveillance client software can be installed. That way videos and images taken from it can be posted anywhere required while all it needs a Wi-fi enabled for posting it to internet.

Now a worried mother can look after her new-born anytime from anywhere.

CCTV v/s IP Camera

  • IP camera connected with iPad and iPhone is providing a wider range of security from anywhere to everywhere while CCTV is specifically for a certain allotted areas and very limited.
  • IP camera with the help of iPhone and iPad provides high resolution images and videos while CCTV has average resolution and using the videos are found bit blurry.
  • IP camera also provides 2 way communications which more effective compared to CCTV, which provides only visual data.

With the use of iPhone and iPad for video surveillance is simply a proof of advancement of technology and its use in daily lives. Life can be much secure with the use of iPhone and iPad in positive aspect. Soon, iPad and iPhone will be overtaking CCTV by performing better and at wider scale.

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