Top Ten Reasons Not To Buy iPad

Posted on 23 November 2010

Technology plays a vital role in our society these days. Every year we come across new advancements and new innovations. Every thing has its pros and cons especially when it comes to machinery and different gadgets. Just like other new innovations, Apple iPad is a new one in the market with its huge launch. It is an attractive gadget and is taking people’s attention with its looks. You know what they say, “looks can be deceiving”. So when it comes to this gadget, it is not that much reliable as it seems. Ten reasons for not buying iPad are:

Limited Features

1. Apple iPad has very limited features, it provides only the entertainment features like You Tube, iTunes, Emails and eBooks etc. so the one’s looking for any marketable functions in it shouldn’t waste their money over it.

Operating System

2. The new iPad does not have Operating System X which mostly people prefer to use. It would be considered as a limitation for those who use other Intel processors rather than apple processors.

Battery timings

3. This product has the battery build in for only 10 hours only as compared to other gadgets available in the market whereas for a longer usage purpose battery is an important factor to be counted.

4. The Finishing of the back side is a bit uncomfortable without any rubber plugs or sheet. As it is a delicate device, it makes it more and more difficult to keep it safe.

5. Besides You Tube, there are many other video playing applications for instance the most commonly used and famous, which makes it limited.

6. Beside the commercial disappointment it is not even a complete entertainment if you look into it, the most wanted function in all gadgets is a web camera which apple does not provide.

7. A laptop, palmtop or a smart phone can give even better and useful applications than this iPad. So it is wastage of money for them to buy this gadget.

8. To make iPad a full functioning device, you will have to buy some additional gadgets; that would not give you an advantage rather it would eat more money and acquire more space.

9. The people who use other Nokia phones like N series would certainly not prefer this limited functioning gadget as they are satisfied with their mobiles or iPhones.

10. The resolution of iPad’s screen space is just 1028 pixels by 768 pixels which becomes insignificant when it comes to internet or fun.

We hope to see apple launching a better gadget next time.

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3 Responses to “Top Ten Reasons Not To Buy iPad”

  1. Justin says:

    Worst review ever read. Half of it is straight LIES and the other half is nonsense smoke blown out your bumb. I can tell you are a completely un-accredited writer. I hope it stays that way.

  2. Jim says:


    Because netbooks, smart phones, and “palmtops” all have much better resolution than 1028 x 768. Have fun trying to read full eMagazines on a Nokia, or even an iPhone.

  3. henry says:

    See above, Victims of Apples Marketing team.

    The Ipad is not quite a laptop, not quite a phone, not quite a netbook

    Its a great alternative to a kindle however.