Top 5 Addictive iPad Games

Posted on 10 November 2010

Now that you have an Apple iPad, what are you going to do with it? Sure, the iPad is great for keeping tabs on email, checking Web sites, and for performing other productive tasks, but life is more than just work. To help you get your mind off of your troubles and off of your work, try some iPad games. These games are all available straight from the iTunes App Store, so check out the 5 addictive iPad Games listed here and start having fun right now.

1. Angry Birds

is one of the most popular iPad games of all time. In this delightful game of skill, tactics, logic, and luck, you have five angry birds with different destructive powers that you use to destroy the pig’s structures.

Why are the birds angry? Because the green pigs stole their eggs and want to cook them for breakfast. With over five million copies of this game already downloaded, the developers recently reported that they are selling nearly 60,000 downloads every day. Get your copy of this addictive game for the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch for $.99 today, before the Angry Birds craze ends.

2. Command & Conquer Red Alert

is often called the all time greatest game for a variety of platforms and surely will earn that status on the Apple iPad. The highly popular game plays well on the iPad’s flat touchscreen platform, especially with navigation, although maneuvering may be more challenging on the iPad than it is on the desktop.

This is one real time strategy you may have played at home, now you can take it everywhere for $9.99 from the iTunes App Store. Choose your army and fight on.

3. Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front HD

lets you relax your mind while playing a popular game with up to five friends. One of the best World War II games from the desktop has come to iPad in a much better form than previous iterations of the game.

Connect multiple users via Bluetooth or WiFi and go to war. Choose your regions (Pacific, North Africa, Sicily, Germany, and Normandy) and try your hand at global warfare. It may be serene compared to what’s going on at the office, but you will still have fun. This game costs $4.99 to download from iTunes.

4. Tap Zoo

lets you out of the workplace zoo and into a zoo on your very own iPad. You are in charge of the zoo and that means tough decision about breeding and buying animals, when to expand, and human resources. Fifty new animals are in this latest version, giving you the chance to help Mother Nature while making a profit.

Find out why owning a zoo is not for sissies in this simulation game that will keep your attention for hours at a time. Although in your zoo you charge admission, you don’t have to pay for this game when you download it from the iTunes App Store.

5. Flight Control

is the high definition version of the ultra popular iPhone game that is equipped with new ways to play and the best graphics ever. In this game, you control the airplane traffic at an airport that is increasingly popular. In fact, Flight Control has sold over 2 million copies and has received a number of prestigious awards.

You bring each airplane into their appropriate location, but you lose points if you let them crash. This sounds really easy, but when traffic peaks, you’ll wonder if it’s even possible to keep up. This great game for iPad downloads for $4.99. Go get it today.

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