Top 10 Business Apps for iPhone: Download Now!

Posted on 24 November 2010

Businessmen are always in a search of modern mobile phones, which help them in their business. Normally businessmen demand an iPhones for their business use because iPhones are normally loaded with much business used applications, which help them in their business. Following are ten top iPhone applications which are useful for businessmen.

1. Dragon dictation (voice to text conversion)

It is a very important application. It can convert the voice message into text message. Now you can send your texts, emails and other updates to your social websites just by speaking. It will automatically convert your voice into written words. There is no need to type your message from key pad. It will save your time and as well as your efforts.

2. Expense tracking and billing touch

This is a billing touch application there are dozens of variants that help you to track billable hours, record expenses and invoice clients.

3. US postal Service on mobile phone

UPS mobile is a postal application. You can track delivery status and show locations of the nearest pick-up or drop-off storefront. This will ease your transportation.

4. Whiteboard capture pro

This is latest camera operated application software. You can capture a picture of white board and can read it after some time. You can also capture pictures and written data instead of writing it on note pad. It provides you high-contrast images with bright white backgrounds and sharp black text. You can also share these pictures and data with your other business partners and colleagues.

5. Remote Desktop light

This application provides you a remote control to your computer and other electronic devices.

It is a secure connection between your iPhone and your computer and other devices. This will benefit you during your business meetings and when you are out of your town. You can manage your work at your office, even if you are not in the office.

6. Job search

This is the most beneficial iPhone application through which you can find out best jobs for yourself. This application provides you the data of different jobs according to your city and specific location. You can find out best option for you through this channel.

7. Currency converter

This application is very useful for those businessmen who are used to travel all around the world. By using this application they can convert the currency of any country into US dollars. This can convert the currency of almost 120 countries. It also updates automatically to current currency rates.

8. Lightweight document apps

You can read word and excel format files in your iPhone mobile. Those businessmen who can not afford a computer all the times can use it. But you can not edit them with out installing other related applications.

9. Password storage

You can store your password for different websites. This will save your time and also you do not need to remember such secret codes.

10. Business card scanners

You can recognize and save your business card information in your iPhone mobile. You can also save your related and important information in your iPhone. It also provides you an option to share your business card with other people.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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