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Posted on 06 November 2010

The Windows 7 Tablet is a versatile notebook replacement. It has many benefits along with some drawbacks. With the iPad rising sales and interest, along with Windows 7 and touch screens, the Nav9 is targeted to the enterprise markets and is in great competition with other tablets.


The Windows 7 Tablet has the following features:

  • 9″ multi-touch resistive screen
  • Comes with Windows 7 or no OS installed
  • Full complement of ports
  • MSRP: $1024 (configured), $599 (base)
  • It handles Windows 7 really well.
  • Startup time is long.
  • Battery life is estimated to be 3hours but playing movies and videos will reduce that.
  • Only the hard drive and RAM can be upgraded. 32GB of space is enough for the USB ports and SD card slot.
  • Netbook Navigator lets you upgrade these components.
  • The touch screen is just accurate and responds very well to the finger and stylus.
  • The display screen is bright and sharp, but it should be viewed on left and right angles only. Tilting the screen up or down results in color shifting after only perhaps 20 degrees.
  • Video quality is amazing.
  • Text is sharp and fine.
  • The mobile is covered with lots and lots of plastic i.e. thick plastic.
  • There is an irregular coating of plastic on the bezel which cannot be noticed when the display is on.
  • The ports are on the sides: 2x USB, audio, power, and combo on the left side; the last USB and SD slot are on the right.
  • The power button is on top.
  • It’s got many LED’s which is very bright.
  • The SSD keeps things cool, quick, and silent. So, one does not feel the warmth of it on palms.
  • It weighs around 2lbs with 0.8” thickness.

Other Features:

  • 0.66GHz Atom N280
  • 2GB 667MHz DDR2 RAM
  • 32GB SSD (16-64GB available, 128GB coming soon)
  • 3G modem (supply your own SIM)
  • 9″ 1024×600 resistive touchscreen (supports two-finger gestures)
  • 3xUSB, SD slot (includes 8GB card), combo RJ-45/VGA slot (includes adapter)
  • Forward-facing webcam.


  • A compact, functional Windows 7 device
  • Plenty of ports and expandability
  • Display is bright, colorful, and relatively sharp


  • Windows 7 really still isn’t that touch-enabled
  • Resistive touchscreen requires stylus for precision
  • There’s nothing particularly special about it.

It is aimed at enterprise and IT. This tablet is worth buying only if you want to hold a PC in your hand.

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