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Posted on 09 November 2010

Mozy is easy to use smart and cost-effective way to protect your data. Install it on your computer set it up and then forgets about data loss by again. It is easy to setup and perform backup automatically at background. It encrypts all files on your computer before data transfer and backup open and locked files.


Safety Measures

Mozy is a very safe online backup package. All traffic to and from the mozy servers is encrypted with 128bit SSL encryption which is the internet standard. Mozy will always encrypt your data with 448-bit Blowfish encryption with 128-bit SSL support to keep your data safe during transport. Nevertheless, if we want to use our own encryption method, Mozy will let to do so.

Backup Options

Mozy backup options make sure for what it thinks are important files and let us choose whether or not to use the backup situation that it recommends.

Restore Features

Mozy Restore the entire directory in its sum.


Its interface is simple and pilot so anyone can use the service to protect their essential files. Mozy act as hard disk one can easily fetch the files restore and save them. The services keep track of files which have been updated. The main feature which makes it easier is to manage all data.

File Sharing and Association

Mozy is not file sharing or association tool. It is a backup system it does not support sign-in or sign-out and multiple levels of security to a single file level.


Many devices can be synchronized.

Web Integration

Mozy does not support social network integration.


Mozy has a fair option to support. One can easily contact the company through phone and email and the representer would help in a nice way. However no one need their help because the guide and frequently asked section (FAQ) sections on the site are available and have answers to most of questions one might have.

Ease of Use

When the mozy is downloaded, the service will scan the computer and select the recommended files to backup. One might uncheck any of the file which is not important.


Mozy is a trustworthy service, just go for it as it does not cost too much  will easily adjust the situation accordingly is simple to change then mozy an online backup solution is just perfect for anyone who don’t want to take risk. Save every photo, every document and every memory with just mozy.

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