LG Lotus LX600 – Purple

Posted on 01 November 2010

Another stylish phone has arrived in the market which is not only the quintessence of fashion but is also very useful if we analyze the applications it offers. Guys perhaps do not like these kinds of phones but girls literally fall in love with such beautiful and bedazzled phones. With us, there are not only hot favorites but also a necessity for survival.

A plethora of mobile phones is available in the market these days but only the stylized phones capture our interest. Mobile phone is an important item of daily use, if it is according to our taste and lets people know about our unique sense of style, it just rocks. LG has listened to the story of our lives and has taken a number of small steps in this direction of making this useful commodity extraordinarily beautiful. The gratitude to LG for this wonderfully pretty phone can simply not be expressed in plain words.

The fashionable phone LG Lotus makes a idiosyncratic style statement as a beautifully made flip phone which is the proud possessor of a different square shape and is available in two wonderful color options which is inclusive of textured purple or satin black(both unique in their own style).


LG Lotus is the latest invention in the race of mobile devices which always offers One Click, an extremely customizable user interface which makes texting, access of internet, email facility, Sprint Navigation, Sprint TV(SM), Sprint Music Store(SM) and other such options easily available and accessible. This high class and fashionable phone also gives the immaculate blend of both, flair and resourcefulness with a full QWERTY keyboard. This keyboard is perfect for swift text messaging, email or instant messaging.

It also owns the undeniably hot favorite features like stereo Bluetooth(R) and a 2.0 MP camera/camcorder. It also has a wireless backup for safeguarding your list of in case if the phone experiences theft, damage or gets misplaced.

Moreover, you can transfer files from your mobile to PC using Micro SD Memory Port. Transfer files like pictures, music files and other data easily. Apart from the features, this appealing mobile phone is light to pick, small to place and user friendly.

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