iPhone 4: Signal Loss, Yellow Spots Problem

Posted on 30 November 2010

iPhone 4 has been a much awaited phone. However, it seems to be jinxed. Since the moment of its release this phone has been causing problems for its users.


The first new feature added by Apple in the iPhone 4 is that of two cameras. The one in the front is for taking pictures. The second one is for the option of video conferencing.

The second new feature is that of a Retina Display. It has four times the pixel count of previous iPhone models. This allows the images and text on the phone to appear more sharper and clearer.

They are many other features in the iPhone. These include HD Video Recording and Editing and multitasking. The camera has also been updated into one of 5 mega-pixel, with built-in LED Flash.


Apple has been very successful in the market with their electronics. The iPhone and the iPad have been huge hits all over the world. Apple seems to be monopolizing the market.

The Problem

It is the success enjoyed by Apple that is being questioned by many consumers, all over the world. Users of the iPhone 4 are not satisfied with the performance of there phones.

Firstly, the retina display seems to have a yellow spot on its screen. This has caused complaints of the device looking very ugly. This is not a problem that is arising in all the iPhone’s, but is present in some of them.

The second very major problem is one of signals. There seems to be a drastic drop in the signals if the iPhone is held by its side. The side metal plates have been designed to help with signal problems. Ironically it is when u do hold these plates that the signal drops.

Angry Users

Both these problems have caused users of the iPhone problems. The first and foremost problem being one of imperfection. The users cant have the option of swift browsing, breaking of calls or even calling other people from there phones.

Recall Of The iPhone 4

There has been no news as yet of any recall of the iPhone 4. Previously. however Apple did recall the iPhone’s when too many people were complaining. It is only hoped that Apple is able to solve these problems soon.

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