How to Transfer iPhone 3G Apps to iPhone 4G?

Posted on 21 November 2010

With the rapidly changing models of iPhone, the users of iPhone must also come across the question ; How I can transfer the iPhone 3G apps to iPhone 4G, especially when you and your close relatives, like wife, son or brother are using different models of iPhone with the distinction of 3G and 4G. You, don’t need to worry; as it is pretty simple to do so. Not only this, but through this process; you can also copy any licensed iTunes from one PC to another. This method is adopted to transfer the apps from iPhone 3G to iTunes and then to the ultimate object iPhone 4G.

Instructions that need to be followed are:

  1. The foremost step is to open iTunes on the PC that you uphold with the iPhone 3G.
    : You must ensure to use the iTunes that assimilates to the targeted iPhone 4G. There is a great probability of muddling up the things, if you sync your iTunes with iPhone 4G (the one with your wife).

  2. You must permit iTunes to utilize and access your account details, which is dissimilar to the one on PC at present. This can be done at the most to five separate computers. It is in fact very easy; go to “Store> and click authorize computer”
  3. You need to verify your iTunes account details and then click “Authorize”. The software will let you know, if you have authorized more than five computers. In this regard, you will have to free the one on copy of iTunes that you have already authorized. Subsequently choose “Store> De authorize Computer”.

  4. Attach the iPhone 3G that has the licensed applications or the media files to be copied on it to iTunes alias your iPhone 3G. Also fix the cable from your iPhone3G to the PC. The iTunes must also show iPhone 4G.
  5. Now right click the iPhone icon in iTunes and opt for “Transfer Purchases.” As you connect the iPhone 3G, you may come across with the three options, i.e.  update, restore or back up. You must not choose any of these.

  6. Your iPhone 3G will show “Sync in Progress”. At the same time, you will see the transfer of files in iTunes window has also started. This could be a lengthy process, depends upon your purchases from the store.
  7. When the transfer is finished, eject your iPhone 3G from the iTunes.
  8. Now connect your targeted iPhone 4G to the PC. You will be able to see it in iTunes.
  9. As a last step go to the applications tab for the iPhone 4G. You will find the applications formerly copied from the iPhone 3G. Now select these as per your requirement or choice, then click ‘Sync’ at the bottom. It will copy the applications to iPhone 4G, which is actually your purpose or desired goal.

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