How to Share iPhone Apps With Friends And Family?

Posted on 16 November 2010

Apple iPhone is offering many programs and applications to its costumers. New apple is providing its applications for multiple uses. You can share your applications with your friends and family members with out paying extra money. Apple provides you a password for your application so that you can share your application in a secure way.

Advantages of iPhone applications

If you want to share a single iPhone application with your family members, you need to buy multiple copies of Super Monkey Ball or Texas Hold Em Poker for every member of your beloved family. It would be a bit expensive for those having a big family but Apple would be very glad to have your interest for such an interesting activity.

For those who have some knowledge about the iTunes, will be sharing a single application throughout the household or that can also be shared with friends as well. A little and useful lesson might help you all to get your phone applications and games shared with other iPhone users.


The Fairplay DRM that Apple defend its iPhone applications from piracy has the option to approve up to five computers to share your iTunes, which would help you to share the single copy of Super Monkey Ball with four other people of your choice. Here are listed the tutorial points that you might need to use and share this interesting application.

Tutorial with iPhone applications

To buy an iPhone application you need to use your iTune account on your computer (Super Monkey Ball would be used for demonstration purposes)

  • Download the application to iTunes and transfer to your iPhone or iPhone 3G
  • Get to your family members or friend’s computer and log on to their iTune application.
  • Log out and back in
  • Click buy after finding “Find Super Monkey Ball”.
  • Re-download Super Monkey Ball
  • Log out of your iTunes account
  • Log back in with your family member’s iTunes account.
  • Sync the iPhone.

Share super monkey ball

You can now enjoy Super Monkey Ball on two different iPhones, with the one you choose.

You can enjoy the shared applications and games with your relatives, friends and family through iPhone. Be careful in following the instructions. The tutorial is the key to every question.


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