How safe is Swiss Particle Accelerator?

Posted on 12 November 2010

The nuclear research related risks always remain under discussions. There are some controversies always left behind regarding these issues. There is a development under process in order to install the new particle accelerator namely “The large Hardon Collider” at Geneva which will be functioning during this year. It is claimed that this new particle accelerator is very safe for the earth. There is nearly no hazards concerning with this particle accelerator which is also approved by the governing council of the”European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN”. Generally, the new particles and forms of matter produced with this particle accelerator are suggested to be secure regarding to its consequences.

Marvelous characteristics

There are lot of features concerned with this new particle acceleration regarding to its functionalities and operations. It is suggested that this is an important development in the nuclear research area. The consequences of this particle accelerator would surely seem to be positive and outstanding regarding to its applications and uses.

This machine is actually used to accelerate the tiny nuclear particles like protons. These are considered to be the basic building blocks of the matter. It provides seven trillion electron volts energy for this purpose. There is a result of production of large number of tiny fiber balls and miniatures which are also concerned with the Big Bang.

There are some doubts also present among the researchers that, there might be production of black holes from Collider during its operation. It is also said that it might be possible to swallow the earth by these black holes. Moreover, some other dangerous particles can also be produced in its addition during the operational process.  It was also pointed out by the researchers that continuous collision with the earth and with some other objects significantly produces the cosmic rays.  These increases day by day and all the stars and planets in the galaxy significantly suffer from these issues.  So, the addition of new particle accelerator which is suggested to be secure from these issues included into a very important development regarding to its operation, consequences and applications. It will surely play an important role in the future developments.

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