How Facebook is Harmful to Your Relationships?

Posted on 08 November 2010

The social drug, Facebook, has affected friendships, marriages and sibling relationships. But wait, do you really feel that Facebook to blame for all such destruction? Elders always suggested hiding dirty laundry from public. Facebook is doing against it. It’s not new to hear that the blame of violating the sanctity of marriages, increased complications in dating relationships, pumping sibling rivalry and employment loss is on the Facebook.  The question is that, is it right to put blame on Facebook for all these social problems? That’s because every user is responsible for their action. Facebook users must understand the nature of Facebook to protect their personal relations from destruction caused by Facebook.

“Jealousy” that is bred by Facebook between Lovers, Siblings and Friends

The major concern related to Facebook is the promotion of bragging. Majority of users express themselves and their thoughts in their status message, posts and comments. Happy people express happiness and other activities of their lives that could be fascinating for their unhappy friends. As a result, jealousy breeds among relations. The problem of jealousy becomes worse when it comes to love matters. A wife may become jealous of her husband’s attention to internet. A boy may be jealous of other male friends on his girlfriend’s friend list. The situation can become more painful and annoying because of private messages, naughty comments from other people etc. All these things just bring insecurity and jealousy between two people.

Flirting and Meeting New People is encouraged by Facebook

According to a reliable report published by the, approximately 20% of the divorce cases have references to Facebook. A flirting comment from any friend may raise various doubts in your spouse’s mind. Your old friend and ex-lovers can easily search you over Facebook and get connected with you again. All such people may ignite jealousy and curiosity in your current partner.

Apart from ex-lovers and old friends, Facebook allows you to make new friends beyond boundaries, religion, gender, and etc. You can easily get involved deeper and deeper with any of your beautiful and attractive Facebook friend. First comments and posts and then private messages, all these things could easily lead you to a new world where you live with your Facebook friend.

Credibility loss due to lack of privacy on Facebook

A lot of people have lost their jobs just by posting personal pictures on Facebook because their pictures might have bad impacts on their jobs. For instance, the examples of losing jobs after posting pictures with bear mugs and commenting on student’s status by some teachers are available in abundance. Face-to-face communication allows people to stay in their limits while on internet nobody is watching you so you can write and say anything.

Facebook is a time destroyer

Facebook is like a drug, if once you become addicted of using it you could easily lose a great quantity of time. The addiction of setting status message, writing on other’s wall, replying to private messages, liking posts, and sharing stuff from Youtube on Facebook are the true time waster activities on Facebook. You can do a lot of work and complete your pending works in the time which you spend on Facebook playing Farmville or Mafia Wars etc. You can also share your time with your family members and spouse and make your relationships better with them.

Instant gratification on Facebook ignites heating matters

Situations can become heated quickly on internet. Arguing with other users on a particular topic, writing irresponsible comments on others’ posts, and disturbing others by unnecessary lectures can heat up the relationships and social communication environment. Absence of voice and tone also plays important role in internet communication. Sometimes sensitive personalities find even lighter jokes the most offensive ones and fight with commenter.

While using Facebook, bear in mind that certain things on Facebook are not private in any case such as, your wall posts etc. Don’t display your dirty laundry on your wall and stay safe.

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