Google Publicized The Net Storage Service

Posted on 05 November 2010

Google services remained always in competition with all other service providing companies and play a significant role for this purpose. Google launched an internet storage utility for public to make a contribution in the generally used services of Recently, Google introduces the earlier version of this internet oriented storage system. Internet services of already well established Amazon’s simple storage services, Google present a safe, reliable and very good data storage service which also gives an easily accessible processes for the developers.

Special features of this service

This service provides the easy and low level access to the Net storage utility. All the websites on the internet precisely count the data application which might be carry necessary and required information for both of the site owners and customers. Google used a model of utility computing for the purpose of counting and charging to the customers.

Google introduces the I/O conference utility among its most important available important services. This provides the very easy access, safe and sound storage, fast and reliable sources to the developers on low cost and friendly usage. In the introductory and early version, this is only first available now for the limited and particular US developers. This early version provides the capacity of 100 GB data storage and 300 GB data communication or transfer every month. Now, with service of Amazon’s S3, there are different charges for different sub services as 17 cents per GB/month for data storage, 10 cents per GB for data uploading services and 15-30 cents per GB for data downloading services. So, these prices of S3 services are more complex for the developers if there is a lot of usage regarding to data storage, data uploading and data downloading. As Amazon charges the prices for its premium level, up to 15 cents per GB to the use of every first 50 terabytes of its storage.

Big Query and Google storage prediction interfaces are now demonstrating the data storage services also. These can be utilized to handle the data in respect of its usage and analysis. These are similar to the machines which are used for the special purposes of recording data history, data handling and analysis. This is very reliable and precise, so that can be avoided from the mistakes and anything wrong happening with data. These services play an important and significant role regarding to the applications of products, assessments, blogs, routs, tweets and many other important assessments.

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