Best iPhone Apps For Business Travelers

Posted on 10 November 2010

If you are a business person then you often travel for your business. Here are some useful iPhone applications that will surely help you during your business travel while operating your iPhone.

1- Trip Tracker

It is a useful application that does your work using an automated system. For using this application, what you have to do is to submit your travel information. Register your frequent and hotel rewards numbers on their relevant websites the rest work is done by application automatically. After submitting all such required information, trip tracker application will automatically import your complete information for you. You will then receive notifications, updates for flight status, and other information about your complete itinerary.

2- GateMaps

GateMaps application works for making a quick transfers. This application contains the detailed maps of the terminals of the six major airports of the United States. This is not it and more features are under pipeline. This application is currently covering these sic airports:

  • Atlanta (ATL)
  • Chicago/O’Hare Int’l. (ORD)
  • John F. Kennedy Int’l. (JFK)
  • Los Angeles (LAX)
    Miami International (MIA)
  • San Francisco Int’l. (SFO)

3- Skype

This iPhone application is best in the sense that you can make free Skype-toSkype calls. Moreover, you can use the instant chat option. These two great facilities make this application an important application for traveling across the world. Skype is looking forward to apply small charges on its call that are made over 3G, but calls made over wi-fi will still remain free.

4- Yelp

It is another great application that will help you about selecting new restaurants, bars, and stores during your travel in a new town. It will show you only best users-reviewed restaurants, bars and stores.

5- Unit Conversion

Being a business traveler you often need to convert currencies. This application is all about quick conversion of currencies and very useful for business travelers.

6- Taxi Magic

This is another time saving and efficient application for iPhone users. While staying in a new place you don’t have to wait for hire a taxi for you. Use “Taxi Magic” that will arrange a taxi for you magically quick. This application works in the coordination with the local taxi dispatch services to find the closest one to you. You can easily book a taxi closest to without making phone call.  Moreover, you can also track your booked taxi while it’s on the way to you. This application is available in a number of major US cities.

7- Bump

This application helps you to import and share contact information with other iPhone users. Just hold your phone close to the other iPhone user and see how your information moves to them.

8- Expensify

Now “Expensify” your business traveling expense during your trip. This application allows you to get relief from problematic expenses reports. The main function of this application is to organize your travel expenses and then collects it one handy, IRS-friendly report for you so that you can submit it to your employers.

9- HopStop

HopStop is a great application that will not get you lost in unknown paths. This application gives you the fastest route to your destination so that you could reach their without any delays. What you have to do is to input yours starting and ending destinations and the application will give you the fastest routes.

10- World Customs and Cultures

If you are in a new place then you must have some knowledge about the cultural and custom values of that place. Making cultural gaffes in front of your important client could put your deal or meeting in danger. This application provides you basic and important information about cultures and customs of different destinations.

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