5 Best Iphone Apps For Business

Posted on 20 November 2010

As apple is one of the best iPhone applications in the world. Apple iPhone is also providing many business applications. These business applications are very helpful for business activities. So from now businessmen can also use apple iPhone for their business usage. Following are some business applications.

1. Dragon Dictation

Normally business men are very busy and they do not have time to type on key pad. You can now use dragon dictation application. With the help of this application you do not need to type, just speak. It recognizes your voice and will convert it into typed wordings. From this you can now email, text, and give status updates on your social websites like face book.


Following are some charming features of this dragon dictation application

·         Voice to text transcription that may be sent as email, text or you may be able to post it as an application using the clipboard.

·         Convenient editing features provide you a list of suggested words.

·         Provides you voice driven correction interface

2. Currency Converter

This is the most demanding application for the businessmen. This application helps you to convert the currency of more than 180 countries. This application also updates you with the latest prices of metals. The conversion of currency through this application is near to accuracy. It is very easy to use and is good for those business men who travel all over the world.


·         Automatic update of exchange rates

·         Complete data of almost all currencies in the world

·         It can also covert multi currencies in to your desire currency

·         Provides you the option to open more than one conversion table

·         It will also provide you the unit of desire currency.

·         Added support to the computation of the exchange taxes

3. Note master

This is also a business application and enables you to fix different tasks like saving note, picture note, send note to email address and synchronize Google docs etc.

4. Business card reader

This application enables a business man to store all the important data and information in it. You can transfer your important data and information to a specific field. This application will take  some time to scan your information and will fix it up.

5. My Card

Most commonly used iPhone application through which a businessmen can share his business contacts through sync and via email.


Following are some attractive features of iPhone My Card.

·         Free receiver

·         Three simple steps are required to use it

·         Create your card in My Card

·         Send high resolution images

·         Background color options

·         Improved vCard compatibility.

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One Response to “5 Best Iphone Apps For Business”

  1. evelina says:

    Really useful apps for business men. I would like to mention ,,Plan” app. It’s also very valuable. You can create perfect agenda.Time management and calendar ir one. This app definitely increase my productivity.



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