100 Free Useful Mac Applications

Posted on 29 November 2010

Mac is one of the best operating system in the world. It provides you different useful applications, so that you can do any type of work on your Mac. Following is the list of Mac applications that will help you in your daily work.

Free Mac applications

Following are some useful free Mac applications according to their usage.

1. Productive applications

Mac is providing you some productive applications like;


It provided you a channel, through which you can add your daily tasks in it. You can also check all of them at once in a list on your Mac. It shows the task on the background at the time of call.

Appointments alert

You can keep records of your costumers with their contact numbers, email address, official address and residential address. You can also keep the important events related to specific costumer.

Back ground

It helps you to collect notes and tasks.


It hides all the icons on desktop and shows the pure wall paper on your screen.

Ever note

It helps you find out your specific information in any environment, by using any platform or device. This will provides you an access to your desired information.

Event Sync

You can sync your facebook events with iCal, by using your Mac.


This application provides you a quick access to your installed applications in your Mac system, such as local, user, network and developer applications.


You can track your time according to your location by using this Mac application.

Mind Note

By using this Macintosh application you can make a to-do list and can arrange your tasks on your Mac system. You can draw a sketch according to your mind to follow your plans.

Name Changer

You can change a name of any specific file according to your mind by using this application.


It is a fast way to open any application available in your system.


It helps you in finding your files and you can also tag a book mark to your desired files by using this application.

Quick Silver

It connects your different applications. It also provides you an extensible interface of working with applications, contacts, music and other data.

Sketch Box

You can make small notes, as a reminder of your work, on your Mac desktop.


It is a tracking application, which automatically provides you the data that how much time you have spend on your Mac computer.

Sync Mate

You can organize your documents, text messages, contacts, calendar entries and events and other stuff by using this application.

Task Mate

It is a simple application through which you can make a to-do list.


It provides a psychological effect on your mind so that you can think on your specific task with full concentration.


This application shows all your applications in a complete dock and you can easily search out your desired application.

2. Tools and Utilities

Macintosh is also providing you tools and utilities in your system like;

App. Fresh

This application provides you updates of your all applications, widgets, preference panes and application plug-in installed on your Mac.


You can burn your discs and DVDs with more advance options by using this application.

Font Explorer X

It helps you to change your system fonts.

Garage buy

This application provides you an opportunity of online shopping through eBay. You can sale or purchase any thing through Garage Buy.

Text Wrangler

It is a general purpose text editor, and UNIX and server administrator’s tool. You can edit your files by using this application.

Neo Office

It includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, and database programs for Mac OS X. Now you can work and make your assignments on your Mac system.


It helps you in editing Text, HTML, Latex, C++, Java, Python, Perl, Ruby, PHP, and many more.

3. Readers

Macintosh provides you many readers to read your desired files of different formats.

Adobe Reader

It helps you in reading PDF files. You can also edit these files by using Adobe.

Net News Wire

It gives access to RSS format file on your Mac system.

News Fire

It is free with more options to read RSS format files.

Thunder Bird

It supports Mozilla Firefox to use email applications.

4. System

Following are some system applications.

App. Cleaner

It helps you to uninstall your unwanted applications from your Mac system.


Caffeine is a small application that puts an icon in the right side of your menu bar. It helps you to prevent your Mac from automatically going to sleep, dimming the screen or starting screen savers by just clicking that icon. Click it again to go back. Hold down the Command key while clicking to show the menu.

Carbon Copy Cloner

It helps you in performing functions like, clone, synchronize and backup. Schedule these functions and than forget it.


This application allows you to enable and disable the hidden functions of Finder, Dock, Dashboard, Expose, Safari, Login window and many other Apple’s applications.

Ever Save

This application allows you to save all of your documents in a specific time interval or by changing the front most application.


Growl lets Mac OS X applications unobtrusively tell you when things happen.

iStat Pro

This application provide access on your monitor about every aspect of your Mac, including CPU, memory, disks, network, battery, temperatures, fans, load & up time and processes.

Log in ox

This application eases you to customize your Mac’s log in screen.

Mac Loc

This application saves your working documents on the desktop even if you are logged off. You will find all the current working documents on your desktop, next time you sign in by putting your user name and password.

Mac Tracker

It provides you complete detail about your Mac system like; processor speed, memory, optical drives, graphic cards, supported Mac OS versions, and expansion options.

5. Chat Clients

It provides different chatting applications like;


It provides you free instant messaging application for Mac OS X that can connect to AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, and many more.


It helps you in dealing with advanced IRC, SILC & ICB client.


It helps you to keep chat sessions open on your OS X desktop outside of your regular web browser, using minimal screen real estate and system memory.


It is a Mac MSN messenger. It enables you to connect with your friends.


A special updated Skype for Mac is installed in your system and you can use it for live video chat s with your friends and family members.

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