What Is Google Reader?

Posted on 27 October 2010

Technology is advancing every second, making life easy for us. The world has become very advanced, competent and fast, hence in order to stay up to date we have to upgrade ourselves technologically. Google reader is a free reader on the web for RSS feeds, that are found in nearly all sites.

What are RSS feeds?

RSS feeds are a simplified view of Web content. It concentrates on text, pictures and videos. This makes it easy for a viewer to read casually.

Subscribing to RSS feeds

You can easily subscribe to these feeds with the help of Google reader by just typing them into your browser’s address bar. It enables you to read simply as you read your emails. Google reader is not the only reader available but it is surely one of the best available. Here are a few tips and tricks on how you can make the use of Google reader more productive.

Finding RSS Feeds

RSS feeds can be found on every website.

You can find it by searching through a little RSS logo which is a little orange box with three white waves. Google Reader can take any Web site URL (old or new) and find the RSS feed on its own. You can also search for the exact URL with the help of the built in directory in the Google Reader. Bundles are a collection of a dozen themed groups that helps the subscriber to organize the newly subscribed feeds into a folder.

Organizing Sites

Google Reader will help you organize the number sites that are all bundled up. You can organize them by putting into folders. Click on “Manage subscriptions” in the lower left-hand corner of Google Reader’s main page to organize into folders. Here, you can create, categorize and delete folders and feeds.

The drop-down menus will enable you to swap any folder. The drop- down menu on the far right side is used to change or make a new folder. Click on “New folder” to create a new folder.

You can star or tag by clicking on the stars. To read just starred items, pick the starred items feeds on the top left menu.

You can also label with just a few keystrokes. Tag any feed by clicking the edit tags button on the lower right hand side. Pressing G and T will make you search through tags.


You can read the stories in two ways, expanded and list view. To speed up the reading, click on the Expanded View tab on the top right hand corner of the reader. This will enlarge the size to it’s maximum and you can easily read through. Press V to read any story from it’s source.


To share a story with someone you can e-mail it to them with the e-mail button below each story. You can also share your stories by clicking on the share button at the bottom of each story. Google Reader has a friends feature that on being clicked automatically publishes the story to a publicly available blog.

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