Paypal Scams – Stay Safe

Posted on 21 October 2010

When a person thinks of making online payments,there is always a fear of facing online frauds. Online scams and other fraudulent websites have increased in the last few years . Often you would receive such emails that guarantees easy and quick online payments. However, all such claims and guarantees tend to be fake. Even legal online money transfer companies have to face hackers or spammers who lure people into their fraudulent schemes using the company’s name and logo.

One company which has faced the highest number of problems is PayPal. This is an online card payment system which allows you to pay off your bills and transfer money. Scammers have tried to use the name of PayPal to attract payments from people.

Protect Your Passwords

Often when you login into your PayPal account, it requires you to enter the password. If you login through any other site which has PayPal’s logo then you could be calling trouble for yourself. Paypal’s website is one and only.

Any other website claiming to be a third party should be given a cautious look. Furthermore, to prevent theft and fraud you should set your password with numbers, letters and special characters. If you just keep a password which has letters in it then it could easily be guessed.

Avoid Phishing Email

When you get an email from you bank, it would not require you to click on a link which would direct you to another website. If you see such a thing happening with you then it means you are falling in the trap of a scam. Often what scammers do is that they use the original logo and signature of the bank to make you believe that it’s an original mail. However, make sure that you aware of this because you could be on the verge of losing hundreds of dollars if you fall for it.

Use A Separate Account

If you do not have enough funds in your bank account then PayPal would set up a separate account or open up a credit card account to provide funds for your next purchase. The problem which arises here for users is that if you link your original account which has all the funds with PayPal then scammers could withdraw all that money from your account. Due to this reason it is strictly advised that you link a separate bank account which you hold just for PayPal transactions. The advantage which you would receive here is that even if theft occurs, then the scammer would only be able to withdraw a limited amount of money.

Another quick method would be that you should link your credit card account with PayPal so that even if theft occurs, there would be no immediate loss of cash. This would allow you to file a dispute and protect yourself from facing a fraud. Therefore, be aware of such scammers and always login on to the genuine homepage of PayPal rather than using any other website.

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