Old Desktop PC Goes Wireless!

Posted on 14 October 2010

Have you ever hard about Desktop PC Wireless? Or, have you ever made Desktop PC Wireless? If answer to these both questions is “NO” then by the given information below you can make your older desktop PC wireless. The most important thing to tell you in this regard is that any desktop PC can support a wireless internet connection. And it is also applied to older desktop PC’s.

As a step 1, make sure that your desktop PC is in good working order. By good working order it is meant that it should be free from all unwanted spywares and harmful files. This is important to do because this slow down your desktop PC wireless connection.

Important Thing to Make Desktop PC Wireless

To make your desktop PC wireless you must have an internet service and that should not be dial up. You should have a cable modem connected to your desktop PC. If don’t have internet service than you can never start your wireless setup.

Wireless Router

Purchase a wireless router, no need to buy an expensive one. As it will offer a few features that are worth the extra money. After purchasing the wireless router, be happy because you are halfway done in making desktop PC wireless. Now the one and only thing left to buy is wireless PC adapter.

Wireless Desktop Adapters

Adding a wireless desktop adapter to your PC is very easy. There are two different types of wireless networking components and you can choose any of them.

  • Wireless USB adapter
  • Wireless PCI adapter

You’ll find that these both wireless devices are packaged with a setup CD-ROM, this will quickly install each and everything required to configure your PC’s wireless internet connection.

Wireless USB Adapter

Using wireless USB adapter is the easiest way to make a desktop PC wireless. But the drawback while using wireless USB adapter is its signal strength which is relatively weaker than wireless PCI card. Most of the people do not face such kind of problems as long as they stay within range of the wireless router that uses to send out wireless signal. Installation of wireless USB adapter is easy in a way that it can be plugged into any available USB port. And in a few seconds you can start using internet free from wires.

Wireless PCI Card Adapter

The Second way is by using wireless PCI card adapter. Through wireless PCI card adapter you will enjoy high performance wireless connectivity with extended range. Its installation isn’t difficult. Remove the side panel from your desktop PC and insert the wireless PCI card into any one of the white slots present inside. The card can be installed only in one way.  So, do read the directions which are packaged when you are purchasing wireless networking device. In order to have smooth installation it is the best way.

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