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Posted on 23 October 2010

If you have an account on Gmail then you would have seen Google Buzz appearing in your inbox. This is a new social networking service launched by Google which is integrated with Gmail. Here we will provide you with of how to make the most of Google Buzz or to get rid of it.

Avoiding Buzz Notifications

Every time someone mentions you in a post, you are most likely to receive a notification for it which might be  get annoying for you. Since these tend to pile up in your inbox, a way to get rid of them would be to create a filter for them. On the top of the page, you would find a option which allows you to create a filter, link it with buzz and all your notifications will automatically be sent there.

Hide Your Followers

Unlike Twitter and Face book where people feel proud by sharing to the number of their followers, Google Buzz might not appeal to you in the same manner. When you receive emails from someone, they are automatically added to the buzz service which often becomes quite annoying. Therefore, there is  a option which allows you to hide your followers from public viewing..

Make Use of the Side Menu

The drop down option next to the Buzz menu helps you organize and manage the options that are linked with the Buzz service. If the Buzz feed is irritating you, then you could put it on mute, edit what you wish to see, delete the comments or delete the buzz service itself.

Organize Your Contacts

When you sort out the contacts on Gmail for emailing, it automatically gets linked with Buzz and that is how your contacts then appear on Buzz also. However, if you wish to make any changes to the way the contacts appear on Buzz, you would have to make sure of the contacts menu on the left side of the window. For your ease and convenience, the most advised thing would be to create groups which you often use and those which aren’t of much importance to you.

Link All Your Networks

Another option which Buzz allows you is to link other social network websites with buzz. For instance if you wish to share your pictures then you link your Picasa or Flickr account. If you are an active blogger, then you could also link websites such as word press which would help you blog directly from your Gmail account. To do this, you would simply have to go into the options of Buzz and then look for the linking tab in which you would have to enter what you wish to link.

Buzz by E-Mail

If you wish to disable the Buzz facility then you could do that and yet be able to access Buzz. Most of you would now be wondering how this is possible. The solution to this is that you could send a message to . However, this only works if the e-mails are sent through Gmail.

Touch Up Your Text

With the option of Google Buzz, now you could add lots of effects into what you type as the input.

Grab Some Add-Ons

With the help of add-ons on different browsers, you could perform various tricks with their help. For instance Mozilla Firefox add on allows you to share your current webpage with users on Google Buzz. In the same manner, Google’s Chrome, allows you to enjoy the add ons which integrates the features of Mozilla and offers other various options.

Join In With Other Social Networks

If you have a face book or Twitter account then you could Google Buzz to update your statuses or keep a check on your new feed. You could also link the followers of Twitter with that of Google Buzz and have all of them in one place allowing you much more ease and convenience.

Getting Rid Of Buzz

If you’ve all of the above and still wish to get rid of Google Buzz then you could do so. For this you would have to scroll down on the main inbox page and click on the link which says turn off buzz link. This is not as easy as it seems because you would have to go through a few steps.  However, once you do switch it off, you might experience Gmail in the same manner which you used to before Buzz came into the picture.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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