How To Fix A Wi-Fi Connection Problem

Posted on 08 October 2010

If you hate the technicalities on the PC’s or laptops then configuring network problem would be like a mountain to climb for you. This is one of the most difficult problem to figure out of where the actual problem lies. However, if you have been having issues with connecting then try the following:

Be closer to the router

Whenever you’re trying to connect to the network, make sure that you are well within the range of the router which would help you catch strong signals.

Run the troubleshoot

If you have Windows Vista running at the moment then this could be way easier for you than compared to the users of XP. In Vista, you have the option of troubleshooting your problem which helps you determine where actually the problem lies.

Try Ethernet connection

First try and connect with the Ethernet wire to make sure you have configured the router properly. If you try and directly install your router then that would not functions. Therefore, to make life easier, it would be recommended that you connect using the local cable.

Turn off Wi-Fi Security

This is one of the major problems which people are facing today while connecting to the network. In order to prevent misuse of their network most people set up their routers with passwords which they mess up at the initial stage of the settings. If you follow the router manual then that would help you enable to disable all of this.

Try another device

If you think that only your PC or laptop are facing a problem in connecting then you could try another device since now most of the phones are Wi-Fi enabled. This would help you determine where the problem lies. Rather in another situation you could carry your phone or laptop around and catch signals of other people to determine where the problem lies.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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