Google Voice – The New Meaning of Telecommunication

Posted on 21 October 2010

Google simply dazzles the online population of this world, with its amazing and innovative features. With the passing time, we have all become dependent upon Google for personal and business connectivity. From Google mail to Google Wave and Google Buzz, it seems like connectivity is getting better and better. Now we have the Google Voice, which made history, when it had 1,000,000 calls just within 24 hours of its launch! Let’s then take a look at what Google Voice is all about, and how it has become the new meaning of telecommunication

Google Voice  Service

Google call allows people to contact the US and Canada phone numbers for free. People outside this region however, have to pay for the service, at a very minimum rate. People from US and Canada can make international landline calls or mobile calls at a very minimal cost. This service has made it now possible for people to interact with each other in a cost effective manner, as international telecommunication has always been a matter of expense.

How To Use Google Call

In order to use Google Voice, just follow these basic steps

1). Login in to your Gmail account.

2). On the left side bar, you will see the “Call Phone” button.

3). Click that and you will be asked to install a voice plugin.

4). Once you set up the voice and video plugin, you will be asked to restart your browser.

5). Now you are all set and ready to make calls from the Google Voice service. Be sure to add in the code of the country you dial, by selecting the drop down arrow, placed on the top right of the dial pad.


Google Voice is all about flexibility and functionality.  Here are some strong features that could help you, make the most of Google Voice.

1). Synchronization

Ever had the problem of having to use multiple numbers for making multiple calls? Well now, no more. All you have to do is sign up and receive a single phone number, within which you will integrate all other numbers. When someone wants to reach you either at home, at work or even on your cell, they do not have to try on different numbers. Just one number and you can easily be reached. You can choose whichever phone you want to answer when a caller dials your unique number. This is called freedom of choice!

2). Call Options

When you receive a call, you have the choice to deal with it in four ways. Answer, send to voicemail, send to voicemail then listen in live, or record the call while answering it. Ain’t that called flexibility?

3). SMS Power!

Yes people! You also have SMS integrated in Google Voice. All text messages will be sent to you on your cell phone! You can either reply to the text message from your phone or from the Voice Web interface.

The Dark Side of Google Voice

Ok! Now we have discussed in an enthusiastic voice about Google Voice, but remember there are always two sides of a coin. Since we have talked on the good points of Google Voice, let’s embark on some of its negative aspects too.

1). Privacy Issues

As you would know, nothing in the online world is “private”, no matter how the companies put it, your information still lingers out there. When you use Google Voice, remember you are putting up a considerable amount of personal information, including home numbers, mobile numbers, workplace numbers etc. People who are worried about privacy should reconsider opting for Google Voice. All activities (SMS, calls, voicemails etc) are stored on Google’s servers. It’s not that Google is going to expose your information or anything like that, its just that such sensitive information could lead to increased tracking of users. If you still feel it compulsory to use Google Voice, then do so without having to expose yourself too much.

2). Google Ads

Google could use your information to bring in targeted ads that are shown on your page. If you observe, the ads shown on your page, are those that are clearly matching with the most frequent topics of your Gmail messages. The same can be done with your Google Voice calling habits.

3).Failed Services

Remember one fact; Google is not 100% reliable. There have been many complaints regarding failed services, wrong connection, disrupted calls etc. If you do use Google Voice, make sure, you don’t be entirely dependent on it. Never trust technology.

4). Number Portability

Currently, getting people to acknowledge your new Google Voice number is going to be a hard task. It would take a considerable amount of time, when people will start acknowledging your number. Google does plan for number portability but that is still a far off plan.


Use Google Voice only if you really find it beneficial. Do not use it only for the sake of being a “Google man”. With the current services and products, it is helpful, but also don’t forget to understand the intricacies behind such services.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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