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Posted on 19 October 2010

Facebook has come a long way since its birth and has corrected all the flaws which were found at first. However, till today one thing which has faced the highest criticism from the users of Facebook is about it’s privacy laws. Privacy of the information which users put on their profiles is of immense importance and need’s to be kept highly confidential. But due to involvement by third parties who work with Facebook, they were allowed to access the information posted by users which is against the laws of privacy. Law states that if any information is being provided by an individual to another company then it should remain confidential.

Individuals put up their personal information on their profiles to share it with their friends and family, however if that information is being accessed by someone else who is not in their friends list then that is a major point of concern. The owner of facebook stated that all privacy settings are now in the hands of the users and they can choose which information should be displayed to the public and which needs to kept private.

If any third party tries to access their personal information then they would target them as their potential customers which the Facebook user’s might not prefer. It is the feeling of trust which allows users to put their information on Facebook and if that trust is broken then users would not prefer using Facebook.

Ways Of Keeping Information Private

1. Basic privacy settings

These are setting which are initially kept at default by Facebook and could be changed under the privacy option tab. It allows you to set the privacy level of who can view your information which includes everyone, friends of friends or friends only. If you select the last option then your information would only be viewed by your friends who you have allowed and accepted to be in your friends list. This means that they would be allowed to view your personal information, your entire profile including your photos and videos also.

2. Third-party applications

Ever since third party’s have started to market their product on facebook, it has become a major controversy. When you accept an application, it asks you for a few option and if you click on the option which would allow them to use and view your information then that would entirely be your decision. But if you do not wish to share any information then you could unclick the box in your privacy settings which would disable third parties from viewing or accessing your information.

3. Block list

This is the option which allows you to enter the people or applications which you would want to block completely from contacting you or viewing you on Facebook. This list could be found under the privacy option tab. If you enter the name of that concerned person or application, then they would be blocked and won’t be able to find you any further on facebook.

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