Cheap Gadgets As Christmas Gifts

Posted on 27 October 2010

Previously we gave you a list on the top gadgets of 2010 as Christmas gifts. The list did have some pretty expensive stuff, so today we thought to give you a review on some gadgets that are just below the range of $200. This means that you can still give a good gadget, at a budgeted price. Here goes some of the best Christmas gadget gifts, just below $200.



Got a bookworm friend? Then you can make their Christmas memorable by presenting them with the Kindle eBook reader. Yes! An eBook is the technical way to read books!

Running in its second year, this device is one of the most sought after products on, so before stocks finish, grab your share of it fast! This device is not a mere eBook reader, but is also one that is 3G enabled, allowing you to directly download for eBooks. Available for only $189 this book is sure to make your friend be thankful to you for years to come!

SanDisk Sansa Clip

A small MP3 player, coming at just the price of $30, it has the ability to store 1000 songs along with a microSDHC memory card. A rechargeable device that offers you 15 hours of music playback. A great gift for a kid in the family.

Logitech Squeezebox Radio

Those who love to listen to the radio the digital way, this is the perfect gift. The Logitech Squeezebox is multi-functional. It plays music ripped from CDs or from sites such as iTunes or eMusic. Logitech helps you browse, organize and play your own collection of music, anywhere, anytime! The device can be connected to any PC, working on any Operating System. Not only does it pertain to your personal music collection, it provides thousands of internet radio stations, with the flexibility to choose from a variety of genres. Available at the price of $199 this device is a perfect entertaining Christmas gift.

Roku HD Player

Roku HD Player is a device that gives you excellent video downloading services at a cost much lower than that of Netflix. Not only can Roku stream movies, but it can also stream events as well as channels. Your one form of video entertainment at the price of only $59.99. Convenient isn’t it?


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  1. tomacco says:

    Great post! I think that finding the right gift can sometimes be difficult. What I think is that people tend to like unique gifts that are hard to find and not sold in stores. People like the gifts more this way since they cannot be replaced. I have been buying a few items from and giving it away to my friends and they all love it. They have a lot of stuff that are pretty cheap with free shipping and they deliver fast.


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