Best 2010 Gadgets As Christmas Gifts

Posted on 26 October 2010

Tired of giving those same boring Christmas presents? Then this year, try something new! Give cool gadgets as Christmas gifts, instead of the traditional stuff. Not only will this make you a unique gift bearer, but you might just have loved ones gape with excitement! Keeping this in mind, I’ve compiled some best gadgets gifts this Christmas.

The Boogie Board

boggie board

Now this is an extremely cool gadget to give someone who constantly needs a paper pad and a pen/pencil in hand. The Boogie Board is a writing LCD tablet that completely eliminates the use of pen and paper. Whether it’s a school kid scribbling notes, a busy office assistant, an organized housewife, all can benefit from this amazing device. It is a device that can be used over 50,000 times and is a durable, energy saving device. Not only that, its stylish, thin and compact. You can buy this product online through Amazon or ebay, at just the cost of $39.99.


Got anyone who loves recording videos? Then Looxcie is the perfect family gift for Christmas. This is a digital camcorder, but it is not your standard cam. It’s actually a small device that resembles a Bluetooth set, only instead it acts as a video recorder. You don’t need to hold a camcorder now to record videos; you just simply have to wear it as a ear piece! Pretty convenient huh?  Available at the retail price $199.99 this is one Christmas gift that will capture the festive season remarkably.


For your music loving friend, the best Christmas gift would be a MP3 cap as a gift. What makes this device special is that its actually a cap to be worn, instead of the regular MP3 device. You can wear this and enjoy all your activities with fantastic sound that does not buzz off your hearing; rather you can still be aware of your surroundings.  Packed with a microSD card, rechargeable Li-ion battery, 2GB internal memory and a sound processing chip, this MP3 cap delivers 30 hours of nonstop music playback in just $95.95.

HP TouchSmart310

Now this is a grand Christmas gift that could be very beneficial in terms of productivity.  The HP TouchSmart310 PC is desktop PC that has built-in touch apps, and is currently the world’s best touch PC. It offers basic home computing, enhancing your digital life, by providing the touch experience to your basic computing work. The desktop will no longer be a standard monitor, it will be a touch screen with intelligent touch apps. You can drag applications, files, folders, photos, web content anywhere. There are touch menus, scrolling options, and what’s best is you don’t need to use the frustrating mouse anymore. Good relief! Coming at the price of $699.99 this gadget is a Christmas gift for your entire family to benefit from.

Blackberry Torch

Want to gift a smartphone? Well then opt for something different! Go for the Blackberry Torch. A sexy, sliding smartphone, this device is simply HOT! A 3.2 touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity, 5mp camera and 4GB storage, the phone oozes class and elegance. A perfect Christmas gift for your partner.

These gadgets as Christmas gifts will definitely give your loved ones a Christmas to remember for a long long time to come!

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