5 Must Have Chargers for iPhone 4 Owners

Posted on 30 October 2010

Isn’t it the most irritating feeling when you’re having a conversation with your friend and i Phone 4 battery runs out? Well, for most of us it is since we love this our i Phone 4. Therefore, to keep your fun maximized, we have identified various options which would help you charge your phone if you’re at home, in the car, or on to the go.

1. Beam Box Mili Power Pack

With the use of this device, it will allow you to use your iPhone up to a period of 16 hours if you’re on the go. This is a recommended product for those who are often travel, for instance if you are traveling and have no way of charging your phone. With the sleek look, it does not ruin the physical appearance of your i Phone. This device would cost you around $70 depending where you purchase it from.

2. Belkin Tune Cast Auto

With the help of this device, you are not only allowed to charge your iPhone but also choose your favorite track on the radio to be played on your car stereo. This is a car charger and is helpful for those who wish to charge their phones while driving. For instance, if you forgot to charge your phone at night and have to rush to work the next day then you could charge it while on your way to work. It does not occupy much space and could be carried anywhere. The cost for this is up to $80.

3, Griffin Power Dock 4

This charger is for those users who wish to charge their iPhone while being work. The advantage this product gives you is that now you could make your fellow colleague like you. If you are wondering how this is possible then by using this charger, you could also let your other colleagues charge their phones since it has four charging slots. Therefore, if one of your colleagues is also running out of battery, then you and that individual could charge your phones together. This is not limited to i Phone’s only as it allows you to charge an i Pod also. The cost for this is $80.

4. Wireless Charger Mat

If you’re at home and are lazing around then you could charge your iPhone using the power charging wireless mat. The advantage this mat gives you is that you could keep it anywhere and carry it along with you. Yes, it does seem like a secret gadget similar to the ones shown in movies. This would cost you $99.99

5. Solio Solar Chargers

Ever heard of charging your phones while climbing mountains? Well, now this is possible with the help of solio solar charges which allows your iPhone to get charged while you are climbing a mountain. It takes about 10 hours to get fully charged, therefore, if you aren’t’ in a hurry then you can keep your phone working without having to worry about the battery life of the phone. This charger would cost you $49.95.

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