Watch TV on iPhone by Using 5 Apps

Posted on 19 September 2010

You can’t stop yourself from watching TV shows and movies once you get iPhone 3Gs. You can easily become addicted to it. By saying watching TV on iPhone, either it means watching live TV or watching pre-recorded stuff. If you are interested in watching live TV on your iPhone, there are some applications but these only works with WiFi and not 3G. Though if you some additional hardware for your computer then you can entertain yourself with actual live TV on your iPhone 3G. Each and everything is explained below.

Apps to Watch TV on iPhone

Let’s go through those applications that are currently in the App Store and will let you watch pre-recorded and live video on the iPhone.


TVU allows you to watch over 300 channels live worldwide. It costs $5 but yet it only works over WiFi. The basic feature of this TVU includes favorites, search and landscape mode reviewing. There isn’t any limit on the amount of time you watch TV.


netTV works over 3G but it is not as polished as TVU. It has been complained about bad program guide, slow video loading and some other types of problems. Although, it has about 200 channels from around the world and that you can watch in full screen over 3G.

Through you are able to watch pre-recorded videos from several networks, which include CBS, NBC, CNET and many others. A good aspect of this program is that it works over both WiFi and 3G. But sometimes the video quality is grainy.


By using Television you can watch videos from top sources like CNN, CBS, FOX, Comedy Central, ESPN, and more. But currently it only supports WiFi network.

How to Watch Live TV on the iPhone

If you want a true live TV on the iPhone and the ability to access all the channels then you need to go a little further than iPhone apps.

OrbLive for iPhone

This app is useful in streaming music; video and pictures form your desktop home computer to your iPhone. OrbLive can not only stream your webcam to your iPhone but it can also stream live TV too and it costs $10.

For this purpose you are required to have TV Turner card installed n your computer. Extra $100 cash however, if you want to access all your cable and satellite channels live on the iPhone then you need to buy one. This app also works over 3G which is a major advantage.

SlingPlayer Mobile

Through SlingPlayer you can also stream all channels live to your iPhone. Yet it works over WiFi but there are rumors that it will work over 3G soon. By using SlingPlayer you can not only control your TV but can also control your DVR, Apple TV and some security cameras.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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