Toshiba’s Folio Tablet – A Response to Apple’s iPad?

Posted on 10 September 2010

Major companies lash out products in a frantic struggle to be the one ahead of technology. Sometimes its Apple, sometimes Google, sometimes Microsoft and now Toshiba. Electronic and mobile companies too have ventured into the world of hardware and software, inspired from the success of Apple and Microsoft. What we have to see is, are these companies really living up to the mark and can they really take on the super powers of the technology world?  One of the companies is Toshiba, which launched its Android tablet with the name of Folio 100, in a competitive edge with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Apple’s iPad. The point is can Toshiba’s Folio Tablet make the necessary mark?

The Toshiba Folio Tab looks quite similar to Apple’s iPad and comes in a 3G as well as a non 3G version. This device will be a fully functional tablet like the iPad and not a phone cum pad like the Samsung Galaxy and will be officially released for sale in Europe by next year.

This device has a price tag of $511 for a non 3G version but has options for Wi-Fi and if you prefer the 3G version then it would cost you around $639.

The price here is a tat bit higher than that of the Apple iPad, but unlike the iPad, you are not restricted to using only the 3G version. Also unlike the iPad, you can download stuff from anywhere you want, and you can also play Adobe’s Flash content, which primarily was banned by Apple. The Folio table is a 10 inch multi-touch screen with a fine resolution of 1024 x 6000 pixels which allows a superb display for multimedia purposes. It has a Nvidia Tegra processor, fantastic stereo speakers, a 1.3mp webcam, 2 USB ports, SD card slot, HDMI connector, Bluetooth and 16GB memory. Everything you ever wanted in a tablet.

With all this specifications, it is bound to take up on the Apple iPad quite soon enough. The battery life is of 7 hours and the device is around 760grams and comes fully equipped with browsers, book readers, and many other useful applications and software.

While using the device, you can actually feel the speed of it, with a very comfortable user interface. Not only this, you can have set ups of virtual keyboards and mouse when ever you want to (this is done manually through a third party software). This is one reason why Android is so preferred, it just offers many options for user feasibility.

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Toshiba also has its own Toshiba Place service, from where you can post content, download stuff, buy games, read news, and everything else under one platform. You don’t have to run around for doing these things. The tab will also allow users to get the thousands of Android apps that are available for use, so you can actually sit back and enjoy your Folio for hours.

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