Top 5 iPhone Apps for Cars

Posted on 08 September 2010

iPhone is just more than a phone which could help you in many aspects of life especially in your car. There are some app’s which come exclusively to make your driving more pleasurable. Here are some app’s which we have taken out for you.

1. Maps

Did you recently move to a new city? Then your iPhone could be the solution to your problem. This is a built in application which gives you access to the maps worldwide, so no matter where ever you are, your app would guide you to your destination. The best thing about this app is that its free to use, simple and gets you where you have to be. Under this app you have access to street view, satellite and maps. Keep this app with you always, might just help you when you are lost!

2. MapQuest 4 Mobile

If you wish to have vocal access to your navigation app then you might have to pay for the subscription which would be monthly. However, this app on your iPhone offers you great navigational features, is free of cost and does whats required of it. However, if you pay a certain amount for the exclusive service then you could get a even better service but if you do not wish to do so, then it will still give you a great experience especially for turn by turn navigation.

3. Gas Buddy

If you are running out of gas and want to find out the closest gas station to you, then this app would help you do so. At just $2.99, it offers you a variety of options, whether you are finding diesel or petrol, in which area are you finding it, how much should be proximity etc. However the benefit gas buddy provides you with is that it finds you the cheapest gas station possible and would even guide you towards it with the directions.

4. Beat The Traffic

Sick of standing in long traffic jams? Then your app ‘beat the traffic’ makes you aware of what route needs to be taken. For instance if you travelling within cities then an accident on the highway could cause great problems for you. With this app you could get updates for different places and find out which direction you shouldn’t head towards.

5. Pandora Radio

Pandora, a free radio provider helps you fight with boredom when you are stuck in a traffic jam maybe or are driving towards a long destination which might take a couple of hours. You can’t even keep on repeating your playlist because that might bore you, therefore if you save your preference on Pandora Radio, it would help search the radio station which serves your need. And yes its free to use.

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