Top 5 Android Apps For Your Car

Posted on 09 September 2010

Life couldn’t get any easier for Android users. The latest additions to its app’s has brought joy to its users which variety of app’s t select from. If we look at those app’s which could make your driving experience more comfortable then there would be many. Having Android apps especially designed to be used while driving could make you experience amazing.


This app allows you to find maps and as well allows you to access its navigation system. The app comes built in so that the users do not have to go through the online process of purchasing it or paying a fee for it. The app is installed so that it could make your in-car experience a a joyful one. If your hands are occupied then prior to driving you could sycn it with your desktop and save all the maps required into it of your favourite destinations. Once this is done, the navigation system would provide you vocal assistance making life easier.

Vlingo or Voice Actions

Since you are driving and its advised not to use your hands for any other purpose then you could use this feautre if you are running Android 2.2. This would provide you with major help in writing your texts, emails, search Google and also guide directions through the navigation. This application only works on 2.2 version of Anroid, therefore, before check the compatibility of your app and then install it. Since more or less every action on the phone could be done with his app, therefore it could come in very handy.


Want an app which is like an interactive information provider? Well, now this could be possible. With this app you could get any information which you might require while driving such as news about traffic on the route you are traveling, tips about some hot spots which might come on your way, news of accidents and weather updates also. Therefore, if you have this app then your life would be much easier compared to the times when you had to get stuck in traffic for hours without recieving any update for it.

Listen Pandora and NPR News

Wish to enjoy your time while driving with new and fresh music, news and podcasts? Then you would have to use Pandora’s App which would also give you access to NPR news. Often what people do is that if they are going on a longer route then they would want to listen to their favorite tracks, therefore this is what Pandora does. It saves your preferences and searches for the music which fits your needs. If you are on your way from office to home for instance and you favorite sports match is going on then you could also hear the updates of the score on NPR news making life easier.

Gas Buddy

You would often hear people saying that we would get gas filled from the cloesest place of our destination. If you moving from one city to another and need to figure out how far away is the gas station then you could use this App on your Android Phone. The major benefit of this app is that it helps you find the chepeast of places closest to your current position. Therefore, if you ever low on gas, then make sure you are making proper use of your apps.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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