Tablets: Fastest Growing Technology

Posted on 29 September 2010

Mobile phones, iphones and other communicating technology are used by every age and gender and that is the reason it is also the fastest growing technology where the market is competitive and every next week we hear about latest tablet either from Apple, Acer, Hp, Nokia and etc.

Apple’s latest iPad is the talk of the town and receiving all the attention.


iPad represents elegant hardware, fast processor, responsive multitouch, extremely vibrant application store, large selection of games and long battery life which makes it the ideal for this generation where life is in fast pace. The low price of this technology have caught everyone’s attention and made it lead the tablet category.

Windows Tablet:

Windows tablets represents the wide range of screen sizes, broad software and hardware compatibility, multi-tasking, Adobe Flash support but it lack in battery area which is have shorter battery life and is also prone to computer viruses. Windows tablets have several subcategories which include MIDs, convertible laptops, slates and UMPCs.

Android Tablets:

Apple iPhones  biggest competitor are the smart phones manufactured by several companies around the global but Android tablets are lightweight and have low pricing, which makes it more accessible. It has quick-boot time, large variety of applications and one-touch access to web/ Google. The only fraction of the problem is the media player which is up to average standard.

Web Tablets:

Web tablets are essentially made for the constant web users and for them it is the most efficient technology, though some of the Web tablets lack Adobe Flash compatibility. Often Net books are preferred over Web tablets as they have same pricing. The pros of Web tablets cannot be ignored as they provide undiluted and full web browsing, sufficient storage requirement and quick boot-up.  Fusion Garage JooJoo is a best example of Web tablet.

E-book Readers:

For all the dedicated readers E-book is the most exciting technology as you can carry several books with you at a time without any load. It is easy on eyes as it got E-ink screen, good battery life, and 3G wireless, low prices but has limited touch-screen options and lacks in audio, video and web browsing. Sony Reader and Amazon Kindle are few examples of E-book Reader.

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