Steps to Save Laptop from Liquid Damage

Posted on 06 September 2010

If you love to have a cup of coffee, glass soda or water or any other liquid thing while you’re typing at your keyboard, the liquid may spill accidentally. If this happens there isn’t anything to be worried about if you follow these instructions, as soon as you can, to try to save your laptop.

Simple Steps

  • First, turn it off. Remove the battery, A/C adopter and unplug your laptop instantly after the spill. The electrolytic activity i-e combination of liquid and electricity will start as the liquid contacts the powered circuits, in order to avoid the danger of device shorting out. Removal of battery and power is very essential.
  • Turn your laptop upside down so that the spilled liquid can come out and discontinue the liquid travel deeper into the machine.
  • Now clean the part of the spill you can get to with tissue paper, paper towel or any other material that can absorb quickly nut use the material that is lint free.
  • Check out your keyboard because some keyboards are designed in such a way to protect the internal part from liquids. Pour out liquid if still there is any.
  • Use clean material which is slightly damp to clean if there is anything sticky like keys of your keyboard, screen etc.
  • Insulate yourself from static discharge because it may be of very high voltage and this static discharge can destroy your computer even if your hands are dry.
  • In case you’re not able to pour out the whole spill than you need to remove the laptop’s case as most spills have chemicals and that can corrode internal circuits. If don’t feel comfortable while disassembling your laptop yourself than immediately take it to someone who is immediately available. Pull the hard drive to save your data from destroying and remove as many cards or drives as you can.
  • Use any spare and clean toothbrush to remove any dried residue from non-water stains such as coffee or cola. Either blow it away use vacuum cleaner for this purpose so that the residue can be easily removed.
  • Never use a hair dryer for drying purpose, let it dry naturally or dry it with a little heat because hair dryer cause the static problems.
  • Assemble your laptop and check it if it is working or not.


  • You can easily avoid the spills by keeping away your computer from liquid stuff.
  • Set your laptop power options to “do nothing” when you close lid in this way you can not only save power, and overheating of your laptop but it will also save your laptop from spills and the damage cause by it.
  • Some companies also offer warranties for spill if the seal isn’t broken while removing the case.
  • Removing screws isn’t easy at all they are tiny and can be misplaced. Check all the screws outside and also on internal components.
  • Never try to remove the case by applying force because in this you can break the plastic or bend the metal. If it does not come off easily then look for more screws.
  • While drying your laptop allow the air to circulate all around, by supporting it away from the surfaces so that air can get under it.
  • Many companies sell keyboard and laptops covers and membranes respectively. One just need a little to use to it so if there is any spill it will protect it from damage and will let the liquid to get in.


  • If your A/C adopter is heavily soaked in the liquid then you need to replace it.
  • If you don’t clean the spill and let it dry itself than any chemicals present in the liquid will eat the circuit board and will cause the device to fail.
  • Do not let water and electricity to mix, unplug and power all the connections in your first priority.

Thing you’ll need

  • Small screwdrivers for small screws.
  • Plastic bags to keep safely screws and small parts.
  • Tissue paper, paper towel, clean toothbrush and cotton swabs.

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