Smartphone, Netbook, Laptop – Which is the one for YOU?

Posted on 13 September 2010

In the last 5 years, there has been tremendous growth in the IT sector worldwide. Gadget manufacturers have paid close attention to the needs to customers and producers the right product for their needs and the price they would be willing to pay. Laptops for instance have taken over desktops for quite some time now and are available at cheap prices and also in great variety. Besides laptops, netbooks and smartphones are also increasing their market share in competition with laptops to fulfill your needs. However, before you go out to buy one of these gadgets for yourself, do a self evaluation of the factors listed below to figure out which one is for you.

1. Getting Work Done

In the real business world, there are complex tasks which need to be done on word or large excel sheets or even at times power points to be made for presentations. This might require some specific features. If we look at laptops then they might be the ideal choice for doing any sort of corporate work, due to its high resolution screen, large hard disk capacity, higher ram and other various features. Though the downside of it would be its high cost as we could buy a smartphone or a netbook for a cheaper price. Netbooks on the other hand would be not be prefffered for doing any coproate work as they are often cramped and small in size and the best use for them is made while travelling. Lastly, smartphones would be the last preference of any individual to do any corporate work on. It would give the person a tough time due to its small screen, small keypad, slower operating system etc.

2. Home and Student Life

If your work load is comparatively less than that of a corporate firm then all three options could suit you but then it would depends whether you are a student or a home user. A student would need a device to make notes in class while a home user might need the device to complete their office work. Laptops would be wise idea for both the types, not a complex one but a basic laptop which could cater your basic needs. However the contradiction arises in terms of weight and price, the student would rather buy a notebook and might want to carry it around with them on campus during classes and while studying for exams with friends rather than carrying a heavy laptop bag. A home user might also want a smaller device to do basic tasks which were given to them to be completed at home. The prices might also be affordable than that of a laptop. However, if you’re a housewife then a smart phone might a great option since your basic needs would be keeping a grocery list, or if you’re a student then keeping in touch with your friends through texting and social networks. Therefore, it would vary from what sort of a user you are for which you need to evaluate your requirements.

3. Browsing the Web & Keeping in Touch

During the day, it would occur to you many times during the day to check your mail, check the live score online, update your social networking site and various other things. So for such small needs which device would best fit. If we look at laptops, they would give you a large display, however you might have to carry a heavy laptop around everywhere. The advantage browsers on laptops allow you with are flash player, Silverlight, and many other Web technologies. Netbook might be the most prefferred option, however, it’s small display screen might make it difficult for you to view the website which might take the fun out of the site, but with the price and its weight, a netbook would be the best option. Browsers on your smartphone are there to give you fast access to perform small tasks such as just checking your mail or updating your status on social network or keeping in touch with your friends. Besides that, no heavy duty tasks could be performed on it. Therefore, browsing on a smartphone might not be a wise idea.

4. Watching Video’s and Playing Games

Video and games might be the requirement of a student or a person who likes to kill time for relaxing after a busy day at work. Video and games go together as for this you might need a portable device which you could carry around with you anywhere to watch videos when you are bored or rather play games when you don’t have anything else to do. If you are heavy duty gamer then the best option for you would be a laptop. This is so because with laptops, there are variety of graphic cards avaiable which making your gaming experience beautiful and making gaming absolutely pleasureable. Videos mght also be best played on the laptop with the advancements in tehcnology which has led to various types of players coming out which only browsers on laptops support and could be difficult to operate on a netbook or a smartphone. However, the weight of the laptop might just annoy you each time you carry it around. Netbooks might be a preferable option to view videos on sites such as which has its own flash player installed and all you need to do is view the video. However, for gaming it might be not a suitable idea with its small display and lower ram and hard disk which could make the netbook slower after installation. Lastly, smartphones could help you play youtube video’s and other video’s might not be  played on this since it does support any players thus no other websites could be played. Gaming on a smartphone would be limited as only flash games would play on your phone and not the heavy duty games.

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    I prefer laptop. It’s powerful and time-saving.


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