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Posted on 20 September 2010

Google has launched a new searching method which is known by the name of Google Instant. This searching methods allows to generate various search queries when you enter a keystroke. Being launched at a event at San Francisco’s Museum Of Modern Art, Google has been to following the foot steps of Apple.


In the long term there could could be many benefits for those whose name comes up at the top in the search when a keystroke is entered. For instance when you log onto Google and press ‘am’ then the first and most likely result to come up would be of amazon. This means amazon could derive major benefits out of this by coming up again and again when you enter the first few key strokes matching that with of amazon.

When this point was highlighted and pointed out to the Google developers they said the this would have to be studied however, in term of brand recognition there could be huge benefits.

However, they also said that when a name comes up when you enter a keystroke, you are likely to ignore that and scroll down to find you search query.

Another benefit that the winner might enjoy in this situation is once you start entering the keywords, a person might keep adding text until and unless the search shows up in the search box. This means that with so many clicks, that search might just become a hit and when a position at the top spot while being searched.

Click Rates

Previously, click through rates for ads were higher as a person was shown an add right next to their search. However with Google Instant, their click through rate has come under scrutiny because they say that a ad will make a impression once it is displayed for three seconds or more. The management at Google said that these three seconds were set as the benchmark for making an impression because it takes user time to see what search results have been put up when they enter some search query.

Those companies who have placed their ad’s are worrisome since they question the three second rule, however Google states that if the new feature goes onto becoming a hit as they have advertised then this would help users get to their searches more quickly which in turn means that more successful searches would result in more clicks on ads. This is the circular flow in Google aims to achieve quite a few things in one go . Therefore due to this, SEO and Sem might have to relearn on how to get the right result and they ad in front of the user so it could be noticed.

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