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Posted on 01 September 2010

Twitter have started a new concept which is “Followed By” and “You Both Follow”. This concept helps you follow one party without having to have their consent if you could follow them. This in comparison with Facebook, there they have the concept of mutual friends where both parties need to agree in order to have access to each others data. However, if giving it a try for a few days this new feature has proven to be incredibly useful.

This new feature “Followed By” helps you see which of your friends are following some other user. The implicit in the feature is that if you follow someone then that’s like an endorsement which makes it valuable to see which other people you follow have “endorsed” the person you are currently examining.

Further on, same is the case with “You Both Follow’ feature. If you’ve opened up someone’s profile and are not sure if you want to follow them or not then you’re evaluating whether to give credence, a delineation of their taste in people, or who they have endorsed that you have also endorsed might be the tipping point as to whether or not you should follow.

In the manner where one way connections leave Twitter with the leeway to launch many more features based on their complex directed social graph, hence the above explained. In comparison someone who “Follows Both Of You” might just be a spammer, while the “People They Follow Who Follow You” connections might be a lot more telling about a user’s social cache. However since you have deigned worthy of polluting your Twitter stream may say a lot more about you then the fact that you’ve accepted your junior high lab partner’s friend request on Facebook.

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