How to Use Tweet Buttons as a Blogger or Site Owner

Posted on 17 September 2010

For all WordPress bloggers out there, Twitter has finally launched its official “Tweet Buttons” that allows your post to be tweeted easily through a signle simple click. This is good news for the thousands of people out there who are madly in love with WordPress. So let’s take a peek at what this tweet button can actually do for you.

Some quick ways to use the official Tweet buttons for fun and profit are given here.

The Main Code

Twitter’s tweet buttons are a combination of HTML and Javascript, which makes it simply perfect for interactive websites. To get this code for your WordPress blog, all you have to do is visit Twitter’s page on the button, get an auto generated HTML code and simply copy paste the code wherever you would like the buttons to appear.  

If you’re not into programming, then worry not, as all you got to do is use the following link, to act like a customized Tweet button. This is actually quite fun, so do give it a try.  Tweet

Tweet Button

In case you would like to have a Tweet button as your constant browsing companion, then you have to get yourself a Chrome Extension (which means that you need to use Chrome for this tweet button). This extension will help you tweet around other bloggers and can also show you the tweet count of the visited pages. This tiny facility has definitely helped millions of people get their blogs tweeted and recognized.

The only problem that is currently being dealt with is the ability to check statistics of the tweet posts. Twitter developer conference at Chirp executives hinted that some interesting packages were in the works. Retweet is the first step forward by Twitter to compete with the companies like in offering stats and metrics on Twitter sharing of posts and pages. Those who want more than a tweet for them there may be a free or inexpensive stats package for casual bloggers, small businesses and others.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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