How to Effectively Hack Windows XP

Posted on 07 September 2010

Have you ever forgotten your windows XP password and because of this you’ll unable to log in. But now you’ll be able to access an account and can reset the password without knowing the old password. This technique works for any account with windows xp that is not booted off a network. Following are the steps in regard to this technique.

Step 1: Get the physical access of the computer to change its password but make sure that it must have a CD or DVD drive.

Step 2: Go to the site and download the disc ISO in the pro version.

Step 3: When the download is completed then the downloaded file onto a blank disc using either CD burner or ISO writer i-e Nero, UltraISO and Infrarecorder. By doing this it will create the EBCD bootable disc. This also has many other tools and you may do this on the target or any other machine.

Step 4: Now insert the disc in the CD or DVD drive. Enter the bios of the target machine and make it sure that the first boot drive is the CD or DVD drive.

Step 5: Now start booting from the disc. The main screen will be automatically loaded but if it asks that press any key to boot from CD then do so.

Step 6: Choose option number 5 that is password recovery after it is booted. You’ll be guided through a series of steps and instructions and if don’t know about just press and this will select default options.

Step 7: After doing this you’ll get a list of users, select the user whose password needs to be reset. Work according to the program instructions i-e type the username, put the password in as the * key to just blank the password. Changing password through this program is more successful.

Step 8: Once the procedure is completed, do write the changes to the hive and SAM files, this is the option that the program will ask when you are about exiting.

Step 9: Eject the CD from the drive and reboot the computer.

Step 10: Log in as that user, there will be no password if you just blanked it by using * key.

Step 11: You are free to create a password for that user account.


  • In case you know the password of one account than you can also change local password of the other account through Command Prompt. For this purpose go to “Start > Run” and type “cmd” without quotations and then press enter. A screen will appear now without quotations type “net user name” and press enter, here you are required to replace the “username” with the actual username of the account you want to reset the password. You will asked to enter new password and after this type “exit” without quotations. Now it’s done. This will not be applicable for the account you know the password to do not have the permission to change the password of the account.
  • This CD can help you if your computer crashes as it has many useful tools.


Doing this without permission on other computer is illegal so the use of the disc is at your prudence. It is meant for home users or servicemen to fix their computers. Apply this when it is requested by the owner of the computer.

Things Required

  • Blank CD
  • Computer running windows XP or NT with CD drive.
  • ISO Disk image at

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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