Happy Birthday To Google Chrome

Posted on 03 September 2010

Looking back in time makes you wonder how things have changed over time. Likewise, after Google Chrome’s second anniversary, if we look back then it could be said how much has changed in such less span of time. The idea of a multiprocessor flourished at the time when there was no HTML5, pathetic JavaScript support, which was why the idea remained a mere project. However now with the great advancement in connectivity, in two years span, browsers have taken on a whole new dimension. Google Chrome is exactly that browser that has taken on the browsing world by storm with its trendy and easy to use features. Its been two years now and we celebrate Google Chrome’s birthday with the hope of getting to see its Chrome 6 version releasing soon for users to enjoy a fantastic browsing experience.

Since its introduction in the market as a beta version, major developments have been such as, customized new tab page, browser themes, side by side view, password manager, better privacy controls, built in Adobe Flash Player, Autofill, Automatic Translation, HTML5 capabilities and synchronization of various things.

Besides all these development, the major area of concern was its security which now includes safe browsing technology which serves you with a warning system if you are about to visit a site suspected of phishing or hosting malware and also Chromes Auto Update mechanism which helps keeping the browser updated with latest security features.

The new version being released at the end of this year will be even more faster and more streamlined. Chrome is today three times faster than it was when launched on JavaScript performance. The user interface is also being made easy to use and making adjustment in the menu options as well as adjusting the color scheme of the browser to be easier on the eyes.

Applications are also updated on Chrome’s web store so that life could become easier for you while browsing with Chrome. However, as far as the graphic are concerned, hardware acceleration is always paid priority and would further develop in the upcoming version. Therefore, if you haven’t tried Google Chrome yet then do so today by clicking on google.com/chrome. While for those who have been using Chrome would know how the browser functions.

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