Google Instant Search – A Time Saving Enhancement

Posted on 16 September 2010

Google is the uncrowned search engine king in the world of internet. I know that you expect more and more from it, so as always keeping its promise and fulfilling your expectations this time it has come with a faster search engine service. Yes! Google has announced a new enhancement that is called Google Instant, this enhancement is exclusively designed to save 2 to 5 seconds of the search query. Google is optimistic about this new enhancement and sees it in the competition against Bing (MSFT’s search engine).

This enhancement uses a predictive approach to answer the queries of users. In its demo, for instance, when the letter “w” is typed the word “weather” displays along with other words related to the word weather. Not only that but also words that start with “w” are displayed in drop down list and you can easily pick anyone of these.

Marissa Mayer, the vice president of Google search in a press conference in San Francisco said, “”We want search to be fast, fun and interactive.” According to Google, the search takes total 25 seconds, nine seconds for the search initiation, while other 15 seconds to find the right result. This new enhancement made by Google is aimed at removing the seconds from the search process. Mayer said, “Never underestimate speed.”

Google Instant has been launched successfully on Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 8, and Safari browsers. It is available in U.S, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, U.K, and France. In near future, it will be available in Japan and on mobile devices.

One of the best features of this new enhancement is that if you find it annoying, then you can switch it off.

Innovations Are Not Ended Yet

An industry expert stated that it is not necessary that this new enhancement by the Google will multiply the Google’s revenue growth. Danny Sullivan, the editor in chief of Search Engine Land said, “”I don’t know if it will drive more advertising revenue, just because users can do searches more quickly.” He further added that the innovation journey of Google is not ended yet.

The director of Google product management, Johanna Wright answered a question that after the search engine optimization rankings shouldn’t change after the addition of new features, but the queries that people conduct over time may change.

Investors will benefit down the line and this optimistic approach showed by the co-founder of Google, Mr. Sergey Brin.

He further said, “”Fundamentally, we expect that this feature will have more user adoption, and hopefully that will pay off for investors.” Google estimated, if all the searches that are done globally via Google Instant, then it would 3.5 billion seconds per day.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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